If you’re like me and about to do your Christmas shopping, let me give you a head start with this list of neat little green gadgets that you can get for your significant other or a friend. There are so many gnice options for eco-gifts this Christmas, but I’ll list just a few to help you on your search or help you get started on your own ideas.


First, have you ever checked out water powered clocks and gadgets? At ThinkGeek.com they have a sweet $12 water powered clock. Just fill the clock’s liquid reservoirs in the back with any liquid of your choice and it will display the time and date clearly for you to read on your desk. It works by extracting the electrons from the liquid molecules to provide the electric current.  Check it out at thinkgeek.com.


Above, we have the ECO Kettle, this is the ticket to a great Christmas gift for tea lovers. How it works is: you fill the kettle up and then release between 1-8 cups (specifically how much you need) into the boiling compartment and then it boils exactly and only that much. It saves water, electricity, and time. To purchase, check out the list of online retailers at eccokettle.com.


Note: if it’s difficult to find the ECO Kettle online, there’s always the classic clear glass tea kettle, which is the vessel of choice (best tasting brewed water) for many a tea lover. You can choose from an array on amazon.com(we like the Adagio, above, for about $32).


Another great gift for people who like to use their muscles is the Presso Coffee Maker. This coffee maker uses zero-electricity and is entirely manual. It makes perfect espresso every time using a cup of boiling water and a little bit of your own effort. It is made from polished aluminum that can be recycled if you’re ever finished with it, and uses much less energy than typical espresso machines. You can find it at UK-based nigelsecostore.com (Approx $132.50 US including VAT).


This gift (above) is for the urban guy who has everything — the robotic lawnmower from Husqvarna. This little (yet high-end) device has no emissions and low energy consumption, so it “operates at a fraction of the cost of conventional lawnmowers.” You can check out the specific details and prices of the Auto Mower at husqvarna.

Enjoy the season and happy holiday shopping!