Still on the hunt for the perfect green gift? Well, I have a few more ideas for those of you searching for that cool gift.

(above) First we have beautiful artwork from the Ecohead Etsy shop. These pieces are inspired by nature and made from upcycled glass and light bulbs. All of the eco artwork is unique and kind to Mother Earth, so take a peek. Prices range from $20 to $200 per piece. $80 Enlightened Peace Spider


(above) Next, I’d like to suggest the Ecosphere as a fascinating little addition to your home or office – a self-sustaining, perfectly balanced ecosystem of animal and plant life. Ecospheres require no maintenance as the shrimp, algae, and bacteria complete a self-sustained ecosystem, so you can just sit back and enjoy watching your little ecosystem grow. They last an average of two years but have been reported to last as long as seven years. Made of glass and in a range of cool shapes, check out their special reduced prices for holiday shoppers.


(above) Another fun and relatively inexpensive gift is the biodegradable sky lantern. Although typically used for wedding celebrations, this unique gift would go over well any time of the year, especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Made from recycled candle wax and fireproof wool, they pose no threat to the environment. Priced at about $5/each, they’re available in a variety of colors and shapes and come in recyclable packaging. Hurry, they ship from across the pond.


(above) Finally, the Cardboard Rocket Play House for your adventurous wee one. Whether you have a child, grandchild or a niece or nephew, this fun little hut will be sure to please. The rocket play house is made from recycled cardboard that is blank so it can be decorated by hand. It can also be folded flat for storage, so clean-up takes no time at all. Ideal for children from about 18 months to 6 or 7 years, it’s a great alternative to plastic or wooden toys and can be recycled when outgrown, (priced at about $57).

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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