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Stylish Eco-friendly Gifts Christmas 2013

I like to do my holiday shopping online, binge-like. Just browse, click and save the planet one gift at a time. I usually order from just a couple of e-tailers – makes tracking easier and keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

If there’s someone on your list who requires special handling, you might want to head in one of these directions.

  • is where I can find gifts for just about everyone, no matter how particular they may be. Search organic or recycled for some nice roundups. Here are a dozen things on my green radar…


(above) Sleek, reasonably-priced serving trays handmade from sustainably sourced Birch by Swedish-based, Ary Trays ($20-38) (more…)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Life Cycle of Donated Clothes


above: Bales of clothing sold by a Kenyan importer (photo credit: via

Food for thought: have you ever wondered where our donated clothes really go? Unless it’s for a specific charity or event, what does a clothing drop at your local Goodwill entail for the life cycle of your used clothes?

A recent NPR feature addressed this after a man named Jeff Steinberg donated an old lacrosse jersey to a Goodwill in Miami and then spotted it on a street vendor in Sierra Leone. (more…)

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