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eco-fashion finds – it’s cold outside

handmade woo lfingerless gloves

These festive renewable wool fingerless gloves (above) are perfect for some nice and naughty holiday texting. The stripes, knitted corset design, suede ribbon and mix of natural fibers make for a saucy combination. $39 @ laimashop

chunky wool + alpaca sweater

I feel warmer just looking at this jacket (above). Fresh and yummy, this over-sized jacket/ sweater is made from renewable merino wool and luxurious alpaca. Hand-knitted, find the Chunky Braid Jacket now on sale for $179 @ minus40/knit clothes


(above) From NYC-based Designer, Rachel Comey, an adorable Knit Tweed Hat, made in Peru … black & white with a cherry on top. find @ Beklina $110

recycled wool leg warmers (more…)

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas lights – be smart, safe and green


As Christmas approaches, it is safe to say almost everyone appreciates the colorful lights on trees, buildings, and houses. The decorations and different types of lights (blinking, icicles, etc.) are a staple in setting the Christmas mood. The holiday spirit makes it easy to want to keep all your lights on 24/7, but many people fail to realize the environmental impact of this action.

According to the Department of Energy, holiday lighting consumes more than 6 terawatt-hours per year, which is the equivalent of the total electricity consumption of 500,000 homes in one month alone. The bulbs in the lights used to decorate waste energy, and contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases. According to the Energy Saving Trust, 15,500 hot air balloons could be filled with the amount of carbon dioxide produced by holiday lighting. (more…)

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