vintage zipper necklace

(above) This slithering necklace is created by hand from an unlikely source – a recycled vintage zipper. It’s completely hand-sewn and signed by designer Kosy, who specializes in such things. $42 @ zipperdesign

scultural necklace recycled coffee cups

Probably not for everyday use – the Firefall necklace (above) is a sculptural masterpiece. Little would you know that this necklace is handmade from recycled coffee cup jackets that have been folded, painted and varnished. What price, art? A hefty $3,000 from Lexi Daly Designs

recycled coke bottle glasses

These lovely sea-colored earrings (above) are made from the recycled glass Coke bottles and hang from recycled silver links creating a modern geometric effect. Handmade in the USA by Green Diva $45

hanmade bamboo and seeds necklace

This necklace is made completely of natural materials from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Natural Job’s Tears seeds and bamboo beads are combined with a Kauai puka shell clasp. The designer grows their own Jobs Tears seeds, which are super strong, tough and long lasting. They beautifully complement the Kauai grown, hand-cut bamboo beads, creating a chunky, natural, primitive look. $20 from Bamboo Jewelry

recycled sterling silver cat ring

The cat’s meow … this feline ring is purrfectly created from oxidized recycled sterling silver by fine jewelry designer Natalie Frigo. Handmade in NYC. $370 @

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