polar bears

With concerns of climate change and sea level rise, protecting our endangered species across the globe is an ever-growing challenge. The Endangered Species Act turned 40 this year (just last month) and many people believe that strengthening it is in all our best interest. A recent poll conducted by the Center for Biological Diversity and Public Policy Polling found that half of the people polled believe the United States is not doing enough to protect plants and animals.

However, the successes of the Endangered Species Act is clear as “over 99 percent of the plants and animals entrusted to the Act’s care have been saved from extinction, and hundreds more are on the road to recovery” (Center for Biological Diversity). Even with such gains, there is always more to do and those who took part in the poll believe that protecting species habitat from the industry is important and the USA is doing too little to protect wildlife.

If you feel the same way as those in the poll, I suggest you visit the Center for Biological Diversity’s website and look at their petitions and list of actions. You can also help endangered creatures by donating to the World Wildlife Fund, or Defenders of Wildlife.

Just remember, 40 years after creation of the Endangered Species Act land and sea creatures face daunting new obstacles – as a changing climate, rising seas, the proliferation of greenhouse gases and the loss of habitat add new threats to wildlife everyday. Take action.