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Friday, February 28, 2014


Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – erase those winter blues

rileyj acket organic cotton

(above) Transition to spring easily with this smart Herringbone jacket. In organic cotton; Riley is made in San Francisco and goes for $189 @

organic cotton Henley shirt

(above) Double dip – California’s Horny Toad has an additional discount on their already reduced items sale going on right now thru Sunday. Their eco-consious items are first-rate quality, they’ll last forever. Cortina Henley is super comfy and casually stylish – in a soft blend of organic cotton and Modal, take your pick of stripes or solids. Reduced from $72 to $49.99 – you can also receive an additional 20% off with code 20MORE thru Sunday 3/2/14.

zip dress organic cotton

(above) Tre eco chic … this is the go-to look for spring: Designer Helena Fredriksson’s Zip It dress has a flattering cut, with a front zip, deep neckline and slim waist. Fabric is a heavy organic cotton; (more…)

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Friday, February 28, 2014

eco home decor – reclaimed barnwood wall art

reclaimed barnwood: branches wall art wide

Woodworking artist Craig Forget is always on the lookout for old reclaimed wood with character, color and a weathered patina. Almost all of the raw material for his work is carefully recovered from dilapidated or deconstructed barns in his local Windsor, Ontario area. His “Branches” piece (pictured above and below) is composed of complementary sections of tree branches assembled to look like a single intertwining branch, mounted over a textured background of small, geometric pieces of barnwood.

branches wall art in reclaimed wood

Once the tree design is complete, each strip of the underlying barnwood is hand scribed around the tree branches creating the impression that the branches are growing through the reclaimed wood strips. Materials for the piece include: reclaimed 80-year-old pine, hickory, white ash, maple, oak, elm and cedar barnwood, as well as salvaged tree branches.

reclaimed barnwood wall art

The piece in the photo above depicts a seaside city in a relief map, or overhead view – all created from carefully shaped pieces of barnwood.

reclaimed barnwood art shelf

Forget does a variety of other works, created from the remains of old barns, with a concentration on wall art. (more…)

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Treeson – Recycling those Water Bottles

treeson water bottle

Did you know that less than 20% of 50 billion plastic water bottles sold in the US every year get recycled? The creator of Treeson was inspired to create a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottle waste by approaching the problem from a different perspective: If people refuse to switch to using canteens and enjoy the “luxury” of having a disposable plastic water bottle, then why not create a water bottle that can be recycled for free?

eco water bottle


Treeson wants to take back their water bottles after you’ve finished using them. Mail the empty water bottle to them for free (via any USPS mailbox) so they can use the returned bottles to generate clean energy. Their bottles are made with 100% plant-based non-GMO materials. They’re eco-friendly, toxin-free, compostable, biodegradable, and sustainable. Not enough to win your heart and mind over? Get this … with each bottle sold, Treeson plants one tree.

Now it sounds almost too good to be true, right? You might think the water tastes unfiltered, but Treeson uses only the finest natural spring water. It is passed through a purification process that models how the Rainforest purifies water as it goes through its canopy. Then Treeson adds both electrolytes that have been lost, and oxygen to give your body a natural boost. (more…)

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Spotlight: Sustainable, Chic Jewelry From Vintage Metals

To be honest, I’ve never really been all that enamored with jewelry. But recently, I’ve gained an appreciation for dainty pieces like rings and bracelets to add that extra oomph to my look, if you know what I mean. They can help make you look more put together, like you put a little effort and creativity into your style.

vintage necklace

Also, I love the addition of a necklace that makes a statement. There is something so easy and effortlessly chic about this necklace … it’s bold yet elegant. Paired with some basics, I think it can make all the difference and elevate that casual look. This Crystalline necklace is made from found materials and features an acrylic pendant from the 1970’s. ($185 @

eco rings

I think jewelry is very specific to the wearer. Some of us love trendy pieces and stack ‘em up. Others may regard pieces with sentimental value and sport them on a daily basis. For me, I love mixing staples in my jewelry box with more trendy purchases that I usually buy on the cheap. (more…)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vintage Coach Bags at Urban Outfitters?

urban outfitters vintage bagsMany of you are obviously aware of the popular chain store Urban Outfitters.  I’d say it caters to 16-25 year olds who favor a grungier, more bohemian vibe. That said, imagine my surprise when I discovered that they carried vintage Coach (above right) and Dooney & Bourke (above left) bags. At $69 dollars for the respective bags, I’d say that’s a great deal.

They are being sold under the brand Urban Renewal, which is an Urban Outfitters line that features repurposed bags and clothing. There is a catch though; if you’re shopping online you can’t choose your exact bag when you’re hovering over the “add to bag” button – so you’ll need a little faith (and a love of vintage stuff) to pull the trigger. (more…)

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