LTSN troubadour headphones

LSTN, pronounced as “listen”, was started in 2012 by Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff. It is a company that makes high quality, handmade headphones out of reclaimed wood, while using the proceeds help restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The wood used for these head and earphones come from furniture and flooring companies (the small, discarded scraps left over from the manufacturing process), rather than from the harvesting of old growth trees. LSTN uses three types of wood to create their stylish wooden headphones: ebony, cherry, and beech.

troubadour headphones
The Troubador headphones (above + top) go for $150. They have durable, nylon-wrapped cables, an adjustable metal band, an in-line microphone, and plush ear-cups for long term use.
filmore headphones
Fillmores are priced at $100. They have a padded headband for long-term use, gold plated plugs, and durable nylon wrapped cords. They’re compactable and wood-enclosed.

bowery earbuds

Bowerys are $50. They have a microphone for calls and voice recording, and feature passive noise isolation.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this could be a great present for your significant other! These headphones are only eco-friendly, but with each purchase you will be helping a hearing impaired person hear sound for their first time.

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