herbanluxe makeup kit

Have you ever wondered what kinds of harmful chemicals are in your makeup? I certainly have – and I’m constantly on the look out for eco alternatives to the makeup found in our large one-stop everything stores. Etsy-based, HerbanLuxe offers great, handcrafted, vegan alternatives to some of the retail makeup lines whose ingredients may give you anxiety.

vegan mascara

Mascara is a staple for any makeup wearer, and HerbanLuxe offers a selection of nine different kinds in varying colors. The mascara is handmade and contains no parabens, phthalates, animal by-products or petrochemicals. The reviews on the mascara speak for themselves, and I am definitely a fan as well.

vegan lip gloss

Another great item is the organic, vegan lip potion gloss. This is an alternative to traditional lip-gloss and comes in either a spearmint rosebud combination, or a create your own option. You can also order a do-it-yourself kit for either of these items which would be a fun gift or activity for yourself to do! Finally, while I cannot vouch for this foundation as I don’t use any foundation, it is both ready to use and, of course, organic.

If you’re a fan of makeup and want a good vegan alternative I suggest you try out HerbanLuxe’s handmade, vegan products. You can check them all out at the Herbanluxe shop.

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