Have you ever needed convenient flip-flops for bopping around for a day or while on vacation but you don’t want to pay $10 or more for something you’re not going to use for very long? I certainly have, and the only cheap flip-flops that you can throw away are the pedicure ones you receive at a nail salon, which are flimsy and really only for women.

Well, not anymore! With the EzFlop Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, if you pledge $3 you will get your own pair of recyclable flip-flops. These flip-flops are durable, recyclable, and fold in half for quick storage in a purse or backpack … ideal for pedicures or a lazy day at the beach.


EzFlops are designed for both men and women and come in a variety of sizes and colors. So you don’t have to spend upwards of $10 for a convenient pair of lightweight sandals.

Another green feature – the flip-flops are made of recyclable material, so when they’ve completed their useful lifecycle you can just pop them into the recycling bin. You will be able to take these shoes anywhere you go and not worry about walking barefoot on a floor teeming with bacteria. At only $2.99 per pair, you won’t put a dent in your wallet. The project is currently reached its modest pledge goal of $500, but EzFlop creator Chris Barrett has listed several other monetary goals and backer options as well (pledge $30 and get 10 pair).

For more info check out the EzFlop Kickstarter project.

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