With St. Patrick’s day coming up, what do you have planned? The more important question is: how can you be environment friendly with all of your actions? Below, are some quick and easy tips:

  • Refuse To Use – You know those cheap plastic decorations you will see everywhere on St. Patty’s Day – cheesy plastic leprechaun hats ring a bell? Yes…well those one-time use decorations and garnishes are made of plastic, which is non-biodegradable, is created from fossil fuels and pollutes our streets, water systems and landfills. A simple way to help the environment? Simply refuse to wear, or use, these decorations, and better yet- get your friends and family to refuse as well!
  • Drink local or organic beer – Going local will avoid all the emissions associated with shipping your brew from remote locations and may reward you with a tasty new libation – you’ll also be supporting a local business. By drinking an organic beer that’s been brewed with organic barley and hops, you are not only drinking something that’s better for your body, but in many cases you may find a beer that’s tastier as well. Some companies that brew the top organic beers are: Eel River Brewing Company, Peak Organic Brewing, Lakefront Brewery, and Bison Brewing. An outfit called New Planet also puts out a fine gluten-free beer – for those who have issues with wheat products.
  • Recycle!! – Everything from the beers you drink to the clothes you wear can be recycled! If you want to wear green, but don’t have any clothing that is green, what better thing to do but to borrow a friend or family member’s? It isn’t necessary to go out and buy an entire new outfit for just one day.

The best advice I can give: spread awareness. Get those you are surrounded by to take the same actions as you and by all means enjoy yourself … responsibly of course!

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