Reusable tote bags are a must-have. Essential for a trip to the farmers’ market or casual outing, a reusable tote is multifunctional and if chosen smartly, stylish. I have rounded up a few sustainable and stylish tote bags that you can flash around with eco-conscious pride. Sacrificing style in the name of being eco-conscious is not an option in my book and thankfully, there are so many choices out there today that we don’t have to.

apple & bee eco totes

I happen to like the size, flat bottom and graphics on these great bags from Apple & Bee (above). The bags are made of sustainable jute and feature a biodegradable lining to keep your fruit and veggies fresh as a daisy. A perfect size (14.96″ x 13.38″) for a weekend shopping expedition. Find them at or
Apple & Bee ($26)

baggu duck bags

(above) Baggu Duck Bags ($25.95) are sturdy, large totes made for hauling big items like heavy groceries or text books. The bags feature both a short, and a long strap to accommodate all your bag-holding whims. These bags come in a multitude of designs and they’re made of recycled cotton canvas. (more…)