daniel silverstein zero waste dress

Daniel Silverstein is a designer focusing on eliminating waste in the creation of sustainable high fashion. A zero waste concept is still fairly new in the realm of mainstream fashion, and Silverstein is paving the way for what will be, hopefully, a greener future for the industry. Dresses – like Silverstein’s Heron Dress pictured zero waste blouseabove –  are made using zero waste design technology – utilizing the full yardage of the fabric cut in order to produce this design.

Premiering at last month’s New York Fashion Week, Silverstein’s entire collection was made from organic and recycled fabrics that produced zero, or less than one percent waste. He makes sure that no fabric goes to waste in an industry that routinely discards tons of useable fabric on a daily basis. Moreover, his collections are all made in the U.S.

In a recent interview with Ecouterre, he makes it clear that this is the route the fashion industry should take. His eye for design and uncompromising commitment to zero-waste and beyond is creating a new standard in high fashion that in a perfect world, all brands should strive for. Who knows, as Silverstein said in the article, maybe one day everything will be manufactured zero waste.

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