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It seems like the prices of pet toys goes up by leaps and bounds every time a pet owner walks into the pet supply store. The prices are even higher for pet toys that are eco-friendly. It makes no sense that pet owners who want to give their dogs and cats toys that won’t harm the environment must pay ridiculous prices for them. On the average, pet owners pay around six hundred dollars every year to keep their precious pups or cute cats supplied with a variety of pet toys. In this economy, people are finding it hard to continue to buy new pet toys. Fortunately, you can make your own pet toys with your kids using things found in nature or items that are lying around the house.

By teaching your kids to craft eco-friendly pet toys, you are also teaching them ways to recycle old items and still put them to good use. It’s also a great way to spend time together as a family and encourage your kids to be creative. Making your own eco-friendly pet toys is fun for the whole family and once the toys are completed, they’ll be fun for the pets too!

The Eco-friendly Tug Toy
You’ll need the following items to make the eco-friendly tug toy:

  • Old but durable fabric
  • Eco-friendly fabric paint
  • Natural hair paintbrushes
  • Newspapers

How to make the tug toy:
Spread a thick layer of newspaper on the space where you and your children will be working. This will help to protect the surface from paint.

  • Lay the fabric out flat, and cut three six inch wide and eighteen inch long strips. Save the remaining fabric for other pet toy projects.
  • Paint different things on the fabric strips however; you must be sure that the fabric paint is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This can be found at most craft supply stores. A lot of pet owners paint things like dog bones on the fabric, but any design that pleases you will work. You can paint hearts on it for Valentine’s Day, bunnies or eggs for Easter, or even the name of your favorite team for football season. The options are plentiful so be as creative as you’d like!
  • Let the paint dry completely and flip the fabric over. Now, you and the kids can paint this side with more designs. Be sure to let this side dry thoroughly as well.
  • Tie tight knots at the ends of each strip of fabric. Double knots tend to hold up best.
  • Tie two of the fabric strips in the space between the end knots of the third strip and Voila! You and the kids have created your own eco-friendly pet toy for your pooch!

Now that you’ve created a great new toy for your dog, it’s time to test it out. Bring your precious, eco-friendly pooch outside and toss that tug toy! Of course, don’t do this unless your backyard is secured with a traditional fence, electric dog fence or wireless dog fence. Safety should always come first, when it comes time for playing with your dog.