reclaimed wood dog bed

It had to come to this – luxurious craftsman quality beds befitting the style and grandeur of our most treasured companions – pets. America’s love affair/obsession with its furry friends knows no limits. This manifestation – a pet bed handmade from 100% reclaimed wood – is actually a positive one (pet beds can be among the ugliest items in a home) with eco-friendly bloodlines. The bed’s creator, Gina Marie, specializes in making handmade home decor items out of reclaimed wood.

miniature schnauzer in dog bed

This bed will provide your small dog a stylishly comfortable place to sleep and relax. It measures roughly 19-1/2″ x 15-1/2″ and 3-1/4″ deep, and is perfect for a 20-pound canine like a miniature Schnauzer (shown above). This doggy bed features handmade craftswomanship, a headboard created from 4 pieces of reclaimed wood, wood buttons to cover all fasteners and tons of character   – add a pillow or cushion of your, or your dog’s choice. $249 @ Redeeming Timber

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