green shopping cartPromotional products are an increasingly popular way for large and small businesses to promote them. Large businesses like being able to distribute a finished product that bears their company logo and a selling slogan. Small businesses like promotional products because it makes them look like an established player. Some environmentalists dislike the practice because they feel it contributes to pollution. Better products like custom plastic bags can reverse the problem.

Reusable Bags to Reduce Litter
In many cities, it is illegal to offer customers plastic shopping bags. The entire state of California has banned the practice. Thin plastic bags are meant for a single use and are seldom recycled. Instead of letting ducks and geese choke, consider enticing the public with custom tote bags. Many stores sell reusable bags in order to keep their operating expenses down. Trade show giveaways can serve this purpose. They will be reused and are free advertising.

Consider where grocery stores obtain their reusable bags: Most are independent neighborhood businesses and cannot afford their own print shop. They hire third party manufacturers to create these bags with their trademarks on them. These custom plastic bags are promotional products and yet are used as a fundamental part of the business strategy. Products of this nature are actually quite cheap and can be ordered in large quantity. Best of all, they improve public relations by demonstrating a will to avoid pollution.

reusable wine bagUnique Totes for Free Advertising Around Town
A plastic bag is inexpensive, but a tote is made from thicker material and might be used and enjoyed for years. Distributing custom tote bags is considerably more expensive but has superior benefits. Something so useful will frequently be taken shopping and will remind customers to return to your store. They might be used to organize objects around the house, and so will provide free advertising for years to come.

A television ad lasts for 30 seconds, but a promotional product serves its purpose repeatedly. The more useful the object, the longer it will provide free advertising that potential new customers will also see. A custom tote bag does double duty, because it promotes return visits while also dramatically reducing consumer garbage. This is the future of both advertising and resource usage. They are a brilliant way to celebrate the first visit of a new customer.

As Containers For Demonstrations and Trade Shows
A tote is also the perfect dimension for paper products. This is important at expos, where many companies give away brochures and fliers. Plastic bags and totes are convenient ways of distributing large packets of material while also visually advertising the company or group. The totes might be reused, but their first use as a trade show giveaways is to provide a sturdy container. If many stalls are competing for attention, then trade show giveaways full of complementary goods will probably be the more attractive option.