Warm Tech bottles

How often have you been suffering through the cold weather at some sort of sporting event or outdoor excursion, while clutching onto your once-warm and cozy thermos? If you were unfortunate enough to be stranded at home, snowed in, and without power through this young season’s already devastating snowfalls, you can relate to this as well. There are some super-high-quality containers out there to choose from — each new model promising to keep your hot coffee or tea warmer for a longer period of time, but they have each been restricted by the amount of they can keep a beverage hot, until now.

Warm Tech info

The Warm Tech Bottle introduced in last year’s Lite-On Award competition in China allows you to keep your hot beverage warm simply by shaking the bottle! A talented, four-person design team from the Tainan University of Technology was awarded the Silver Award for the Warm Tech Bottle, which they say, “aims to facilitate outdoor users to get warm water easily.”
Warm Tech digital display

Totally renewable energy powers the Warm Tech Bottle, whether it is by your natural hand motions during walking or your conscious shaking of the bottle.

Warm Tech componentsThe electromagnetic spring and magnet housed within the attractive, rectangular frame produce electricity through the movement of water, and in turn directs this power towards a heating device at the bottom of the bottle. The temperature of your heated coffee or tea is then displayed on the digital thermostat on the cap.

With the Warm Tech Bottle, you will not find yourself warm comfort even when you find yourself stranded in the cold. I am unaware of the exact product specifications, but who is to say you could not fill a bottle with snow and eventually shake it into some life-saving warmth? On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Warm Tech Bottle would humbly guarantee your “hot” chocolate through the wintertime. (Note: this bottle is not currently commercially available.)

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