With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start looking for that perfect gift. If you yourself are an eco-friendly shopper or the lady you’re shopping for is – here are some great gift ideas that are green and chic.eco tools makeup brush set

(above) My first pick, and one that I actually own myself, is an Eco Tools brush set. Every lady needs a good brush set and I for one hate brushes that are stiff and scratchy to the skin. Eco Tools brushes are soft and made from synthetic taklon bristles. The handles are made of bamboo and the ferule is made of recycled aluminum. The brush bundle is on holiday special for only 40 bucks and features 9 brushes and a collector’s brush roll.

touch up make up brush set eco tools

(above) They also have a range of smaller sets like their touch-up set, only 9.99 comes with 4 brushes and a pouch to keep them in – very handy for on-the-go.

LUSH bath bombs

(above) My second pick which is great for that bath loving friend is a Bath Bomb from LUSH. Individual packaging is a huge problem for our landfills and is very wasteful. LUSH is one of those magical companies that sell their products without packaging.  On top of this their products are 100 percent vegetarian, handmade with time stamp and they ethically source all their ingredients. The Bath Bombs come in a variety of scents and looks, in fact their good looks is why I am never miss the packaging. My favorite is Rose Queen but they have a great selection and you can always mix and match. The bath bombs range in price from 5 to 7 dollars each so it’s an easy on the wallet gift too.

LUSH green beauty products

(above) While there you can have fun while checking out the wide range of other freshly-made products they have, like: shower gels, soaps, makeup and perfume.

INGLOT eyeshadow palette

My third and last pick is another gift that addresses the problem of packaging waste. In 2008 the cosmetics industry created 120.8 billion units of packaging. With this problem in mind the freedom system palettes by INGLOT is worth supporting. This system eliminates unnecessary eye shadow containers that are tossed out once the color is used up. It also eliminates that waste that comes from someone not using every color in the set.

INGLOT sells each color on its own and magnets in the pallet hold it down. So not only can you pick each color but when a color is used up simply remove the metal shell and pop in a new one. Their lip, eyes, face and fragrance freedom systems all work the same way.  You can gift your lady the pallet and give her a gift card or cash to go and pick out the colors she wants. A 4 square pallet will cost you 10 bucks, a 20 square will cost you 23 and each eye shadow is 7.

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