Nest programmable thermostatWith the busy lives that we live, people find themselves forgetting things like locking the door and turning off the lights. But forgetting to lower the heat while you’re away is no longer something to worry about with Nest. Now there are many home thermostats on the market, but what sets Nest apart is that it is a learning thermostat. After a week of use, Nest will know your habits and make adjustments for you. For those who want control you can use the Nest mobile app on your smart phone to control your nest while away.

Nest thermostat

Currently however the app is only available for Apple products but an android version should be rolling out sometime in December. The app allows you to change the temperature, control up to ten thermostats in two homes, check and adjust your schedule, see and change settings, put Nest into and out of away mode and show you a Nest leaf when saving energy. Remote changes are just like in home ones, Nest will learn these too and do it for you next time.

Nest app on smartphone

Nest learns based on what you teach it; it’s as simple as that. To teach Nest simply live as you would for a week, turning the dial to the right to make it hotter and to the left to make it cooler. After a week Nest will learn what temperatures you like and when you like them and change your thermostat for you … optimizing and saving you up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. So for those who are absent minded like me, having a piece of technology in your home that can remember for you is great and makes money saving habits easier to maintain.

Nest in the home

The makers of Nest even offer up these sure to work energy saving strategies to implement along with your new Nest.

  • Set your away temperature thoughtfully. The manual and auto away will turn off your heat till it hits your minimum temperature. Nest auto awayThis you pick during set up the lower it is the more you will save but it’s important to be thoughtful of plants and pets that are stuck in the house while your away.
  • Turn the temperature down at night. While your tucked under your blankets there is no need to keep the heater running. Turning Nest down before going to bed will save you energy while you sleep. Nest will learn this habit and do it for you after a couple of nights.
  • Turning the temperature up all the way wont heat your home faster. Just because your thermostat is up all the way doesn’t mean that it will heat faster; all it means is that the heater will run for longer increments wasting more energy.
  • Use multiple thermostats independently. Teach each thermostat as you use them, if you’re leaving a room turn it down. That way only the parts of your home that you’re in stay cozy allowing you to save energy elsewhere. Also make sure you’re not heating in one area while trying to cool in another you don’t want your two thermostats energy fighting.

Installation is easy with four simple steps. Removable of old thermostat, installation of the base, connecting the wires and connecting the display. Just make sure, using Nest Works, to run a test to see if Nest is compatible with your thermostat before you buy one. Their installation guide comes with tools, labels and step by step instructions for an easy install. Nest even has an instructional video on their website that’s easy to follow and clear.

And lastly keep an eye out for that leaf. Whenever your thermostat is set to a temperature where you’re being energy-wise and saving yourself some green, Nest lets you know with a leaf icon that appears. Remember that even a 1 degree difference can cut energy use up to five percent. You can buy your own Nest from Net’s website, the unit will cost you $249 but comes with free shipping. It’s a bit pricey but sure to pay for itself over its life time.

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