red cork bag

(above) The eye-catching Ferrat bag from Dicork is made entirely of renewable cork. The large yet lightweight bag features an interior clutch that is completely removable. $189.90

antique brass laurel leaf cuff recycled sterling

(above) Old but new … This elegant cuff features antique brass laurel leaves that have been hand soldered to a bracelet made of recycled, ethical sterling silver. The leaves have been oxidized and sanded to bring out all the details in the vintage leaf design. Handmade by Bijoutiful. $140.60 @ artfire

handmade bamboo sunglasses(above) Seeing green … These handsome sunglasses are handmade from renewable, eco-friendly recycled bamboo. The designer and craftsmen at ACD/WSH create their distinctive shades in variety of finishes. Each custom made pair features FDA approved, shatterproof, polarizing lenses. The pair pictured above go for $63.82


recycled silver spoon Alaska ring

(above) Ring in the new year … If you’re a fan of upcycled jewelry, Alaska, or the great outdoors, this ring made out of an upcycled sterling silver spoon might appeal to you. The ring features depictions of a polar bear, a dogsled team and walrus. $67 from Spoonier who specializes in rings created from spoons.

And that’s a wrap for today’s curated collection of eco fashion faves. Remember to pass along your pre-loved items so they don’t wind up in the landfill. Cheers to a nice long weekend.

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