2015 has just begun and some people may have resolved to have “greener” habits for the new year. To help people stick to their resolutions to save water or use less plastic here are some simple tips and gadgets worth checking out.

Resolved to use less plastic? If resolved to use less plastic in 2015 here are two easy to follow tips that will cut plastic waste down significantly.
envirosax organic bags

  • Tip one is easy, just say no to plastic and yes to paper. Even better then paper is getting a set of reusable bags; reusable bags are inexpensive, sold everywhere and light weight (pictured above – EnviroSax organic bags).

plastic straw waste

  • Tip two is to say no to the straw. More than 500 million plastic one-time use straws are tossed out in America on a daily biases. (Image 5)Every straw refused is one less plastic straw that ends up in the trash.  If medical need means you require a straw or you simply can’t go without, get a set of glass ones. Glass straws can be reused and recycled at the end of their lifespan. Glass straws are available all over Amazon and range in price from 40 to 20 for a four pack. But I’d go with a GlassDharma straw they are elegant, made in the USA and better priced on sites like buygreen.com.
  • Resolved to use less water? If resolved to use less water in 2015 the following are two gadgets that will save water after a one time install.

pulse eco shower

  • Gadget number one, the Pulse Eco shower head. Pulse Eco emits water 30-40 times per-second, reducing water consumption while still providing the temperature and pressure of a traditional shower. The pure pulse chrome shower head will cost about 36 dollars plus shipping.
  • Hippo water saverToilet use accounts for 30% of all household water used and the second gadget addresses this. The oddly named Hippo can be installed in homes that don’t already have low flow toilets. Hippo is bag like and made of Polyethylene. Instillation saves between .25 gallons and .80 gallons each flush; Hippos can be purchased by clicking the Hippo shop link on Hippo’s website.

Hopefully these tips and gadgets will inspire you to not only keep all 2015 resolutions but to add two more to the list.