Farmers have been growing crops from crops for centuries. This is something that you can do at home too. After buying and using produce some of those vegetables and herbs can be sustainably regrown from the leftover pieces. Even if you’re not much of a farmer, these are simple methods that anyone can master.

growing scallions

  • Scallions: To regrow scallions or green onions simply save the ends. When cutting the ends off, leave about an inch of the stem attached to the roots. Then place the root ends into a glass of water in a well-lit area and new scallions will grow. Scallions grow in a matter of days, so in no time at all you have brand new scallions ready to use. This process can be repeated again and again.

growing basil

  • Basil / cilantro: Basil and cilantro are regrown from plant clippings. Cut clippings that have about 4 inches of stem on them and place the clippings into a glass of water. Leave the glass of water and clippings in an area with direct sunlight. Roots grow from the stem and when they reach about 2 inches the clippings are ready to plant.

growing lettuce

  • Romaine Lettuce: Romaine is regrown from the stump end of a head. The stump is placed into a bowl with ½ inch of water and left in a window sill. In about 2 weeks new leaves will start to grow. A month or so later the lettuce will be fully grown.

window sill celery

  • Bok choy / celery: Bok choy and celery are regrown the same way as lettuce. Place the root end in water and then place it in a well-lit area. In a few weeks, when the (more…)