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Move over chips and chocolate. Indian style snacks are in and with good reason. Not only are they scrumptious, they are a healthy alternative as well. As more of us look for options with good nutritional value, snacks like crunchy seasoned peas and Bhuja mixes are flying off the shelves. However, get down to the basics and you’ll find that flavor is the biggest drive behind Indian style snacks like those available at majans.com. They simply taste too good!

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Crunchy Seasoned Peas and the Power of Bhuja
There’s nothing complicated about crunchy seasoned peas. They are green peas that have been dried and blended with spices that really pack a punch. With every mouthful, you get a savory combination that is a treat to the taste buds. If you are like so many others who are tired of the same, old chips, Indian style snacks will wake up your mouth. Bhuja mixes are another hot item because they do not contain gluten and are multigrain. They are based on an old tradition as farmers roasted a variety of grains and then added spices to provide them with snack food that could last during travel. Today, the manufacturers of Bhuja mixes combine the power of Eastern spices and Western grains to create snack mixes that really pop. Without any trans fats, they offer you an alternative to other snacks that will do you more harm than good. When you want to indulge in a temptation for the tongue, Indian style snacks are a popular choice. Bhuja mixes are perfect for anyone who is on the go. Grab a bag and have a handy snack.

Changing Up the Diet
Trending now … Instead of opting for the standard chocolate bar, many consumers have decided they are ready for something new and Indian style snacks fit the bill. Take Mysore Bonda for instance. With a blend of chili, coconut, pepper, curry, and urad dal, it can be pan-fried to be a healthy option that is an explosion of flavor. Chaat is another tasty treat that consists of toasted bread that covered with mashed potatoes and baked beans, with a unique Indian take on the beans that brings in the spices. Cutlets made from red beans and oats are another Indian style snack that turn up the heat with spices, providing variety with every mouthful.

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It’s All in the Spices
Indian style snacks have unique spice combinations that set them apart from the typical snacks in the Western world. For anyone who is tired of eating bland foods without any flavor, it’s no surprise that Indian style snacks are drawing a crowd. With every bite, the taste buds come alive. These spicy blends are also beneficial for the metabolism, helping individuals to maintain a healthy weight. When compared to the typical chips and chocolate, they are a nutritional option. For anyone who loves to eat and likes to experiment with new flavors, Indian style snacks offer something different and make for a healthy choice as an added benefit.