yorkshire waterself-powered sewage-plant-in-bradford

After two year’s of development and an investment of £34 Million Richard Flint has opened Yorkshire Water’s first self-powered, sewage treatment works in Bradford, UK.

The plant sits on a 750 acre site and is expected to process 30,000 tonnes of sludge each year. The plant is powered from the biogas generated from the process of sludge treatment thereby reducing Yorkshire Water’s carbon footprint by 9,000 tonne and reducing their energy costs by just under $2 million.

The grand opening of the plant took place on the 3rd of October. Yorkshire Water’s CEO, Richard Flint has described it as a huge step for the company;

“The technology being used on this site truly is some of the most cutting edge around and it’s playing a major part in an 80 per cent increase in the amount of renewable energy being generated by Yorkshire Water in the last year.”

Poo Power, otherwise known as biogas is becoming more prevalent as a renewable energy source, developments like these are great for the industry, community and the environment. If your feeling ambitious you could even follow these instructions and build your own in your back yard!