green home

Most people may never think of their home as the cause of being miserable both mentally and physically. Your environment plays a pivotal role in your daily lifestyle, and disruptions in that environment can come from unlikely sources. However, there are methods that can help you improve your daily routine as long as you can identify the causes of your discomfort. What aspects of the home can directly impact how you function throughout the day?

Dust in the Air
Not everyone is immune to various particulates circulating in the air. Many people are allergic to dust and some don’t even realize the problem. Not being able to breath properly can affect everything from sleeping patterns to physical complications. Furnace filters and carpets that hold dust particles could be causing a great deal of your discomfort.

Mold Spores
Dust isn’t the only thing that can affect you that is airborne. Mildews and molds could be growing in carpet padding and walls wreaking havoc on your lungs. For asthmatics, this could cause everything from cold like symptoms to severe complications leading to an emergency room visit.

Many studies have shown that people can be affected by the tidiness of their environment. The more haphazard and cluttered a room, the greater the stress level within a particular individual. Some people can go so far as to having an acute anxiety attack or feel claustrophobic due to a messy home.

Lack of Sunlight
For a lot of people, a lack of direct sunlight can cause severe cases of anxiety and cabin fever. While there are some people that prefer the dark, others thrive when there is a regular supply of sunlight coming into the home.

It has been found that 72 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature to keep people productive in both school and at work. It only stands to reason that temperature variations could be causing distress in the home. Many people are directly affected by climate, and you could be experiencing discomfort on an emotional level should your home be too hot or too cold.

Organic cleaners and compounds are not solely for those looking to save the environment. They can be used to promote a non-allergenic solution that can help you breath better throughout the day. When looking for a carpet cleaner in Brooklyn, find out if they offer solutions that can improve your lifestyle. Why add to your complications with toxic chemicals from cleaning methods? Your environment directly affects your mental state.