moveo electric scooter side

An electric scooter that you can fold up and put away? Meet the MOVEO scooter.

A stylish new addition to the electrical powered transportation movement is the MOVEO scooter. The MOVEO scooter is both electrically powered and foldable making it the perfect transportation solution for urban apartment dwellers who are cramped for space and want to save money on fuel and garage bills. The design for the Moveo foldable scooter originated in 2008 with the Antro Group. In 2011 the scooter surfaced again in Hungary as a third working prototype. In 2012 design patents were granted and fundraising through Jump Start City began. The designers were originally hoping to make the moveo electric scooter foldedscooter available to the public in 2014, but, though the scooter is not currently for sale, you can place a pre-order in hopes that when they are available you can score one. I couldn’t find a final price but gizmag estimates that depending on the amount raised, a scooter will cost between $3,100 to $4,600.

What really makes the MOVEO scooter so neat is that it can be folded up to resemble luggage and rolled indoors or placed in a trunk. This is a great option for people who don’t have a parking space and need to make the occasional trip to the store or cross town. Students living on campus can keep one in their dorm room, apartment owners can stash one in the closet and commuters can have one in their car that they can unfold and use once they have parked.

moveo e-scooter

Here are some stats on the MOVEO scooter,

  • MOVEO’s maximum load is 110 kg or about 242 pounds.
  • Rider height can be between 4.8 to 6.39 feet.
  • Range on a single charge is about 22 miles; with an additional battery pack the extended range is about 43 miles.
  • Maximum speed is about 28 miles per hr.
  • Charge time from empty to full is one hour.
  • The scooter has a carbon composite monocoque body and is lightweight at 55 lbs.
  • MOVEO Has a 700 Wh lithium-ion phosphate battery.
  • 2 wheel drive with front and rear brakes.

foldable electric scooter

The scooter will feature an optional smart phone display and docking that you can add on along with an extra battery for longer trips. This no mess foldable scooter is a space savers dream, stylish and an innovative product. Hopefully it will hit retail markets soon.