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It’s a small world, let’s all do what we can to keep it peaceful, clean, vibrant and sustainable. What goes around, comes around…less is more.

When this came across the wire, (June 8, 2010) we found it interesting and worth sharing: “The results of the sixth annual ImagePower® Green Brands Survey, which examines consumer perceptions of green brands and corporate environmental behavior, will be announced today and reveal that consumer commitment to purchasing from green companies is shared around the globe, but the barriers to going green and environmental concerns are not consistent.

The 2010 data indicate that in the United States, 75 percent of consumers say that it is somewhat or very important to them that the brands they buy come from green companies and the majority of respondents globally plan to spend the same or more money on green products in the coming year.  Over 60 percent of consumers in all countries want to buy from environmentally responsible companies, but the cost of green products continues to be a hurdle in developed countries. More than two-thirds of respondents in each country polled cite reducing toxics and dangerous substances as the most important activity a company can do to be green, followed by water conservation or recycling.

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