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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Drive for Free with the Drive Green for Life Program!

Drive Green

Owning the vehicle of your choice and driving it freely through the web of roads crisscrossing your home city is as much an American tradition as the Presidential pardoning of one lucky turkey each year about this time. Being able to finally buy that personal car of your dreams is engrained into American culture, symbolizing freedom, economic status – and a means to sustain life for those that rely on their cars for business.

Drive Green

As we are all aware, each of these conventional-fuel-burning vehicles emits extremely harmful gasses  and with over 250 million registered vehicles in the United States, their combined emissions contribute heavily to climate change. The threat of a changing climate is real, but could anyone really point to their neighbors and say, “I think they should retire that S.U.V. to stop polluting…”?

Drive Green infographic

Well, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the United States recently partnered with SunPower, a leading supplier of home solar PV systems, and The Sierra Club, the largest grassroots environmental NGO in the country, to offer consumers the opportunity to more gain access to alternative energy for their home. Ford Motor Company is offering new and existing Ford electric car owners a $750.00 rebate on their purchase or lease of a SunPower home solar system through the Drive Green for Life program.

The amount of energy you could harvest from your customized solar array largely depends on the dimensions of your home, but it is estimated that on average, “each year it could produce about 3,000 kilowatts, enough power for a Ford Focus to run 12,000 miles.” Coincidentally, the average American drives around 13,500 miles per year, so in theory, a SunPower PV system coupled with a Ford electric vehicle could allow you to drive coin free, clean energy for up to 90% of the year!

electric car and solar panels

Not only could you directly benefit with a discounted solar power generation system for your home, but Ford and SunPower will donate an additional $500.00 to The Sierra Club to support their green energy and pro-electric vehicle campaigns. These three companies are looking to encourage and facilitate our transition away from a reliance on fossil fuels in the best way possible: giving away free money to help create clean energy. Vehicles eligible for the program include the Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid, Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid, C-MAX Hybrid, and Fusion Hybrid.

The supplemental energy supplied by a residential solar installation will help offset any emissions created in generating the electricity to charge and power electric cars. It’s great to see Ford, SunPower, and The Sierra Club tackle the “catch-22” of the electric car industry (fossil fuel powered power plants). If you purchase -or have purchased – a Ford electric car, you can take advantage of this program and not only bring clean energy into your home, but out onto the roadways with you as well!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Martifer PV Projects: Integrated Solutions for Fulfilling Solar Power Needs

martifer portugal solar field

Martifer Solar is more than merely a company that focuses on solar energy.  This Portugal based company employs teams of engineers and people who fabricate and design required engineering solutions for various types of solar energy related projects. As per Greentech Media Research’s statistics, Martifer Solar ranks third amongst similar companies in Europe. IHS lists the company in 5th position within Europe and 16th in the world.

martifer solar install rooftop

EPC Services from Martifer Solar
One of the drawbacks that have prevented PV solar technologies from taking off has been the cost versus returns in comparison to the fossil fuels. Martifer can offer PV solutions on 360° turnkey basis, which would include all engineering, purchases and procurement, project management, construction and commissioning related to the PV solar system installation and operations.

Photovoltaic Projects or PV projects from Martifer include EPC or engineering, procurement, and construction services. This means the company can offer customized solutions based on the needs of the people so that each such project becomes viable and offers optimal energy cost savings. It is because of its high standards of reliability today it boasts of having implemented more than 500 projects. The company is also maintaining and operating solar power generators with a capacity of 560 MW across the world.

integrated solar window panels

Variety of PV Projects offered by Martifer Solar
Martifer Solar offers all types of solar power generation solutions under one roof. Therefore, its portfolio of PV projects includes:

  • Ground mounted solar power generating systems
  • Rooftop solar power generating systems
  • Building integrated Photovoltaic projects (BIPV). Martifer’s Torre De Cristal in Madrid still qualifies as the tallest BIPV project, even though the project was completed in 2008.
  • Off-Grid solar power generating systems for people and businesses in remote locations
  • Small solar power generating systems for residential accommodations

Effectively, Martifer undertakes projects suiting the needs of small as well big customers.  This adaptability is one of the reasons for Martifer Solar’s larger market share.

One of the reasons many well-known companies opt for Martifer Solar is because it does more than supply the instrumentation and materials. Its personnel ensure that the project is commissioned and functioning to the satisfaction of the client.

Global Presence
Though Martifer is originally from Portugal, it has spread its activities across the globe. There are collaborations and joint ventures with various companies in different nations. For example, Martifer Solar entered into a joint venture with Hirschfeld Industries in the US. Likewise, it became Maisis’ partner, for technology.

The company has implemented PV projects for well-known businesses such as Hertz. Westfield Group is another famous business that has availed the services of Martifer Solar. In Latin America, the company recently installed a 30 MW project for Gauss Energia.

Martifer Solar has recently received a new contract from Italy. It is a 90 MW project. The company is implementing a project for well known private Equity Fund Company, i.e., Eland, and Dutch Infrastructure Fund.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The BEHA Eco Aircraft Seeks Crowdfunding

beha overheadA British company, Faradair Aerospace Limited, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new eco aircraft the company has christened, BEHA, or Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft. The company has created a concept for a lightweight aircraft with extremely efficient and economical power. The intention is to create “the most environmentally friendly aircraft in the world”. The project is about to enter a year of R&D to fine tune the design for maximum efficiency, with the company hoping to have the first prototype aircraft built within two years.

de havilland dragon

Much of the inspiration for the plane came from an early passenger aircraft called the De Havilland Dragon Rapide. This 1930′s airliner had graceful lines and innovative power recovery systems, many of which will be incorporated into the design of the BEHA.

beha front

Another source of inspiration for the project is an unmanned aircraft created in 1990 by the father of the company’s Managing Director. The new design combines a bio-diesel engine with two electric motors, and is envisioned as an innovative six seat Hybrid Aircraft. The BEHA group is currently building a list of partners to help deliver the key technologies to make the prototype aircraft a reality. (more…)

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

HydroInfra Technologies: Neutralizing Fossil Fuel Emissions and Climate Change

hydroInfra Tech

Problem: The fossil fuels used to produce our electricity, power our cars and heat our homes inescapably emit greenhouse gases. Ipso facto:  fossil fuel use leads to climate change. This is the scientific consensus.

coal pollution

Non-renewable coal is the biggest culprit, serving as the abundant fossil fuel that drives the steam generators creating the majority of our electricity here in the United States. It is cheap, fairly easy to obtain, and the infrastructure is already in place to continue its use. All these represent tangible benefits that allow this conventional fuel to roadblock the growth of the renewable energy industry, at least to some degree.

Environmentalists, myself included, have long concluded that in order to curb climate change, we must first transition away from using fossil fuels as an energy source… and quickly.

sven erik

Clean Tech Solution: Well, founder Sven Erik and his team of scientists at HydroInfra Technologies (HIT) in Stockholm, Sweden believe to have discovered a system to free the combustion of fossil fuels from their harmful emissions. The key may surprise you: water.

Water is, quite simply, the most paramount substance on the planet as far as human beings (and life in general, for that matter) are concerned. On a molecular level, water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, notated as the familiar H2O. Together, they support life, but apart, HIT envisions they will support our lifestyle.

Splitting the water molecule into its component parts is not a novel technology, however it was considered a highly energy-intensive process until now. HIT invented an efficient method of splitting the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of water in late 2012 which creates Hydro Nano Gas (HNG) in the process. Like many groundbreaking technologies, the actual process by which this is achieved is currently shared only with their partners and those who deploy and implement the HNG applications. HIT is understandably protective of this new method of generating HNG while patents are pending in Sweden and international patents are being pursued, but let us walk through what we know.

  • HIT has recently developed on-site HNG producing reactors for coal-fired power plants and diesel-powered shipping vessels to test the verified technology. The systems inject HNG and oxygen directly into the combustion processes of the different fuels. The highly combustible HNG enhances the efficiency of this process and “instantly neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions,” including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury emissions and harmful particulates.
  • In coal power plant applications, HNG is also injected into smoke stacks to reduce nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide levels through a catalytic reaction. Emissions from the smoke stack already infused with HNG are forced through the HNG wet scrubber, which removes any and all remaining pollutants. Clean emissions full of oxygen and hydrogen are then ready to be released into the atmosphere. (How-HNG-works) … HIT claims that this technology is not limited to eliminating emissions from merely coal and diesel consumption, but extends to all fossil fuels.
  • HIT is working diligently to bring their technology to market, meeting with high-level government officials and industry giants in the U.S., as well as signing a joint venture abroad to install an HNG trial system on an Italian shipping vessel. The interest garnered by Sven Erik and HIT is real.

I’ll say what you’re probably thinking: This technology seems too good to be true. How can greenhouse gases possibly vanish into thin air?

But the validated technology is on display here. As you can see, greenhouse gases and all other harmful pollutants are neutralized from fossil fuel emissions. Further independent testing validated the results of the HNG system and the technology is supported by the work of Professor Yuan Tse Lee, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1986.

hydro nano gasThe science behind Hydro Nano Gas systems from HydroInfra Technologies is solid, and Sven Erik is determined to supply electric power plants, shipping vessels and other industries around the world with the ability to neutralize carbon fuel emissions. Widespread implementation of HNG systems has the potential to dramatically reduce fossil fuel emissions, denying the climate change engine of its fuel – greenhouse gases.

HIT is a Swedish public company preparing to list on the stock market in 2015.

related: more alternative energy related info on alternative consumer

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Check Out this Sustainably-Built Mega Oasis in Cairo

Gate Residence overhead

This incredible green-complex designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures in Paris is just that: absolutely incredible. Lead “archibiotect” Vincent Callebaut from Belgium is behind many of the most environmentally friendly designs recently commissioned around the world, integrating sustainable building techniques in diverse locales from South Korea to Morocco. He was recently commissioned by Abraj Misr Real Estate in Egypt to build this “iconic sustainable building that would express the future of the city” of Cairo. Creating a signifying, monumental building that represents the role of green architecture in the fight against climate change is a top priority of both the designer and the client. Seems like a rare motivation to us Yankees, right? Well, soak it in.

Gate Residence front

To term this structure a “building” is a vast understatement. The design commands 450,000 square meters, or slightly over 100 American football fields -  imagine 50 average city blocks. It is quite an ambitious design. From The building, dubbed “The Gate Residence,” is more of an eco-complex, merging the residential and the commercial under a cutting-edge green-roof.

Gate Residence Cairo

One thousand apartments sprawl across the top nine housing levels in The Gate Residence, sitting atop three commercial levels, a supermarket level, and four underground levels for parking. Also integrated into the complex are 3 levels of offices to line the main street that traverses the entire structure. Sky footpaths, green walls and suspended garden balconies are eloquently arranged between (more…)

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Robots: Behind the Scenes of the Green Energy Revolution

solar panel robot

Robotics has become a common industrial tool in the United States and abroad, taking the place of countless industrial workers and raising the production efficiency of the manufacture of many goods we use in our daily lives. It is, unfortunately, taking away

military robot

many blue-collar manufacturing jobs, though on the other hand robotics has arguably saved many American soldiers’ lives via the use of Unmanned Ground and Air Vehicles, such as bomb defusing mini-tanks and aircraft with remote pilots. Although robotics is largely working “behind the scenes”, beyond the awareness of  the average consumer, its articulated arms are in fact involved in many industries; perhaps the most important being the green energy sector. (more…)

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Make Your Own DIY Solar Power Generator

There are many benefits of using solar power to run the electronic gadgets within your home. For one, you can reduce your carbon footprint as solar electricity releases no carbon dioxide or other harmful pollutants into the environment. The cost of your electricity bills will be reduced substantially too. This is due to the fact sunlight is readily available, so most of the expenditure will take place during the initial installation.

If you’re undecided about investing in solar power due to the price of this initial outlay, Rapid Online has put together a simple guide on how to create your very own solar power generator.

Read on and find out how a solar panel, a charge controller, a deep cycle batter, an inverter, some wires and wire connectors are all you need to run an energy-saving light bulb for 25 hours or a laptop computer for up to eight.

DIY Solar Panel Infographic

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wind Energy: As Easy As Flying a Kite … A Very Big Kite

altaeros wind turbine

If you find yourself traveling down your 5-mile gravel driveway in the pouring rain, returning from a bi-weekly grocery run or a quick trip to the mailbox, and an unidentified flying donut appears high in the evening sky, do not be alarmed. It is not going to hurt you; this is not an Independence Day-type scenario; the Led Zeppelin tour likely has not stopped in your small town in rural America, either. Your home greets you with porch and interior lights as you clamber up the steps to your front door, reusable grocery bags and a wealth of paper bills in hand. You find that the phone, television, internet and trash utilities await payment, but the power bill has been strangely absent for some time. Soon thereafter, you collapse into your couch and turn the television to the nightly news, where the headline story covers the widespread electrical outages in the city in the next county. The newscaster says that high winds and heavy rains have knocked out critical elements of the power grid leaving hundreds without electricity, as you think to yourself, “what was that man’s name from Altaeros? I must thank him for the ‘BAT’ outside.”

altaeros wind turbines

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Altaeros is a leading innovator in the wind energy sector, recently receiving a large grant from the Alaska Energy Authority to field test their new Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) system in the skies over Fairbanks, Alaska.  (more…)

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