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Friday, February 28, 2014


eco home decor – reclaimed barnwood wall art

reclaimed barnwood: branches wall art wide

Woodworking artist Craig Forget is always on the lookout for old reclaimed wood with character, color and a weathered patina. Almost all of the raw material for his work is carefully recovered from dilapidated or deconstructed barns in his local Windsor, Ontario area. His “Branches” piece (pictured above and below) is composed of complementary sections of tree branches assembled to look like a single intertwining branch, mounted over a textured background of small, geometric pieces of barnwood.

branches wall art in reclaimed wood

Once the tree design is complete, each strip of the underlying barnwood is hand scribed around the tree branches creating the impression that the branches are growing through the reclaimed wood strips. Materials for the piece include: reclaimed 80-year-old pine, hickory, white ash, maple, oak, elm and cedar barnwood, as well as salvaged tree branches.

reclaimed barnwood wall art

The piece in the photo above depicts a seaside city in a relief map, or overhead view – all created from carefully shaped pieces of barnwood.

reclaimed barnwood art shelf

Forget does a variety of other works, created from the remains of old barns, with a concentration on wall art. (more…)

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

eco art: salvaged materials become signs, wooden collages and assmemblage art

assemblage art from vintage salvage

Artist, illustrator and designer, Elizabeth Rosen, creates handmade assemblage art, wall art and collages – primarily from: salvaged, antique and found materials. Elizabeth now resides and works in New York’s Hudson Valley, fertile ground for her vintage raw materials. (above) Titled ‘Black and White and RED All Over‘, this piece of assemblage art is composed of vintage sign letters blocks and an eclectic assortment of found antique items (note the paintbrush handle and watering can nozzle). $155
vintage wood 'Love' signAll you need is love … created with vintage/reclaimed wood and architectural salvage. This ‘Love’ sign features a deep, weathered grey vintage wood backboard in a slightly irregular shape – adding to the piece’s charm. Hanging hardware is attached on the back. Several coats of satin varnish protect the piece.  $175
'Amour' antique wood collage
(above) This Valentine Day-inspired “Amour” artwork is slightly primitive – perhaps a visual expression of your personal brand of love – or, more probably,  your affinity for rustic decor. BTW – the “Amour” text was created from an old Armour Company (you know, that famous breakfast sausage company) crate – the first ‘r’ was removed from the graphic and the wood reassembled. $225
tea kettle wood mosaic wall art
(above) This ‘Turkish tea pot’ is a patchwork of architectural salvage assembled into a charming wooden mosaic – perfect for a shelf or wall in your country kitchen. $215
zen wall sign from salvaged wood
(above) The “Zen” sign is an original typographical wood collage using a variety of woods. Materials include parts of antique furniture the designer brought back from Asia and 200-year-old wood trim with original (real) gold gilt. The backing is reclaimed crate wood. $112

You can find the pieces featured above @ Elizabeth Rosen Art See Elizabeth’s commercial design work @

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Monday, December 9, 2013

retro eco kitsch: upcycled talk radio lamp

vintage radio lamp

Have someone on your holiday gift list that has a style that trends retro-kitsch? This radio/telephone hybrid lamp (above) may be the perfect office addition to your favorite funky-so-and so’s home office or loft. The “Talk Radio Lamp” is the creation of Tyagi Schwartz and his Dog Tag Designs.

driftwood phonedesk lamp

Dog Tag Designs specializes in repurposing upcycled objects into functional object art. Each item is ‘dog tagged’ noting the location it was discovered (provenance), the date it was transformed, and its working title.

Perhaps this will inspire you to hit the basement, garage or attic in search of the raw materials for your own upcycled DIY creation.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Eco-Friendly Parax Paper – made from stone


Paper has always been the poster child of recycling initiatives and programs, but UK-based Parax Paper has left no stone unturned…

What makes Parax Paper so unique is that it is not made of trees, synthetic paper, or even recycled paper, but actually a combination of calcium carbonate/limestone mineral powder and a “non-toxic photodegradable resin”. What this means is that this paper is extremely environmentally friendly as well as: waterproof, tear resistant, oil-proof, and greaseproof. It’s ready for spills and thrills – you won’t have to worry about spilling on the paper whether you eat or drink over it, or even if you have the urge to take it for a swim! Seriously, you can go snorkeling and jot down a few notes while swimming like a fish.


They feature a line of sleek notebooks and snazzy gift bags. However, Parax Paper isn’t limited to just the products they showcase on their website, they will cater to your customized paper needs. (more…)

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

magical handmade artisan halloween masks

magical fox mask handmade

What to wear to your neighbor’s annual Halloween snooze-fest? You can be the person who wears that très boring, made-in-China mask – or you can masquerade with a unique expression of your inner individuality and quirkiness – a handmade ‘magical’ fox or owl mask.

handmade collage owl mask

These artisan masks are the creation of French artist Ninn Apouladaki. Her owl and fox masks are created from original collages, which have been printed on to heavy bond paper to form the face of her magical creatures. (more…)

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Monday, August 5, 2013

eco art: decorative wall art made from recycled and salvaged wood

abe lincoln profile wall art recycled wood

Here’s great idea for reusing old and discarded lumber – create your own wall art. If, like me, you lack the skill and artistic refinement to create such things as the Abe Lincoln silhouette pictured above, you may want to let an artist and craftsman like John Birdsong create the treasure for you.

whale wall art reclaimed fence wood

Birdsong makes all manner of eco-friendly wall art from recycled, reclaimed and salvaged wood – much of it old wooden fencing he often finds discarded at construction sites. He creates rustic, weathered pieces in a variety of animal shapes (above), the outline of states (below) as well as custom silhouettes and decorative pieces – all by hand.

florida wall art upcycled wood

You can find more of his reasonably-prices work @ rustic state.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

eco art: custom beach signs on reclaimed wood

surfer girl reclaimed wood sign

It is now officially beach season – the perfect opportunity to personalize your summer beach rental – or your weekend getaway – with a vintage-looking original sign created by an artist on reclaimed wood. We always support creating home furnishings and new pieces from eco-friendly salvaged wood and materials – saving trees and keeping valuable raw materials out of the local landfill.

handmade beach sign on reclaimed wood

These weathered-looking signs come complete with a ‘beachy’ vibe and look like they’re as old as the sea – in reality they have been custom-created from reclaimed lumber to add that touch of character and authenticity every beach shack, or waterfront palace, needs. The distressed character of the graphics blends beautifully with the inherent beat-up quality of the reclaimed wood – the perfect canvas for this kind of thing.

handmade high tide low tide sign

Designer and artist, Christina, of Mango Seed also makes wedding signs, prints and a variety of home decor items in her distinctive vintage distressed style – all on beautifully distressed reclaimed wood.

beach house rules sign

mermaid beach sign

Each item is handmade in North Carolina and designed to reflect the rustic artistry, old-world craftsmanship and relationship to the environment that went into their creation. The custom signs retail for $35 and up @ Mango Seed.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight on Eco-Art: Australia’s Amazing Air Gardens

Melbourne Airborne Garden

Warning: cliché superman pun imminent. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s — Airborne, Australia’s living air gardens, swaying and rotating peacefully in the sky above Melbourne!

airborne gardenThe creative product of Lloyd Godson, Airborne is a series of suspended sustainable garden art installations. The floating gardens are constructed from salvaged bicycle tires and frames adorned with bromeliads. These species of plants don’t require roots or soil to grow, making them ideal for such a project. They photosynthesize at night, taking in all necessary water and nutrients via a cell within the leaves called a trichome. The Airborne installations are super sustainable, creating no waste and requiring almost no maintenance, other than biannual trimming; the first two gardens were installed during the Sustainable Living Festival in February 2013, and have since managed to survive without the installation of any watering system. A new garden will go up every 4 weeks above Melbourne’s Northbank area, until 8 total are installed and left on display for the remainder of 2013.

top photo via: interface design

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