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Monday, April 14, 2014


Tune in to BiteSizeTV on Earth Day

Earth Day
Earth Day is just a few days away, and it’s always a day that features a multitude of interesting events going on to improve the environment, increase awareness and celebrate our milestones. This year, BiteSizeTV, an online entertainment network, is going to celebrate with 12 hours of green news coverage hosted live from Hollywood by environmentalist/actor Ed Begley Jr. (Arrested Development anyone??).

This all-day coverage of environmental news will feature interviews with celebrity panel discussions featuring trailblazing environmental leaders, scientists, authors, movers and shakers – who are all passionate about the Earth and environment. The special program will touch on a range of issues, from climate change and the health of our oceans – to sustainable fashion, so you’re bound to learn more about the issues you care about and receive new knowledge on all the different ways in which sustainability permeates our daily lives.

This event marries the influence and ubiquity of technology with the environmental movement to expand the movement and reach a greater global audience. This unique broadcast aims to celebrate all the achievements and efforts so far and shine a light on the continuous challenges and campaigns. You can tune in to the program on or any of the other networks such as REELZ Channel, Amazon Prime, and even in select 7-Eleven stores across the country. BiteSizeTV is making this program as accessible as possible for everyone to have a chance to be involved this Earth Day and connect viewers from all over the world.

Make sure to tune in to BiteSizeTV on Tuesday, April 22nd … here’s to an enlightening Earth Day.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eco-News Roundup – keeping it green


ladies looking at the seaTo start off this eco-news roundup is an article about the bleak outlook for birds and reptiles in the Southwest as a response to global climate change. A new study conducted by the U.S. Geological survey  provides data for the loss of potential habitat that may possibly lead to future extinctions. “Left unchecked, global warming will push many species to the brink of extinction and many more right over the edge.” Read more about the study and its implications @

As I mentioned last week, the IPCC released their climate change report, and the warning for sustainability and plead for action against global climate change remain. The UN report states that, “Clean energy will have to dominate world energy supplies by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.” The article also states that, “over half a trillion dollars a year are spent subsidizing fossil fuels – six times more than spent supporting renewable energy.” If we want to take action against global climate change these governmental trends have to change and rapidly. Read more @

With more than half of the world’s population living in cities, which is estimated to increase to two-thirds by 2050, our global population is in danger of the effects of global climate change. Cities will play a vital role in the battle against global climate change, with “urban centers are responsible for three quarters of global energy consumption and for 80% of greenhouse gas emissions.” To read more about our cities and their impacts visit

To continue with this trend of focusing on global climate change, a new report indicates that “warming-driven climate change is already drying the U.S.” This means that agricultural areas will become dry and feeding our global population will become ever more challenging and difficult. To read more about this study and others visit

Finally, to end on a positive note, a “massive $1.7 billion environmental cleanup of the Passaic River has been proposed by the EPA.” This cleanup has been suggested by “federal officials who called for a bank-to-bank dredging of the Passaic River that would remove more than 4 million cubic yards of toxic sediment from the river bottom.” Over 100 companies are potentially responsible under the Superfund law and will be held liable for the cleanup costs; however this remains to be settled in court. Read more about the proposed cleanup here.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Years of Living Dangerously – an important documentary series on climate change

years of living dangerously

I’m sure many of you have watched the news, tuned into a program, or went on social media to learn or voice your opinions about global climate change. Well, starting Sunday April 13th, a new Showtime documentary series is coming out highlighting the effects, consequences, and reach of global climate change.

This series, Years of Living Dangerously, sheds a light on the global impact of climate change and is a call to action for people to participate in fighting it. The program includes a few big TV personalities such as Harrison Ford and is being produced by the renowned producer/director of award winning blockbuster films like Titanic and Avatar, James Cameron.

If you visit the website to find out more info – the producers and are promoting the premiere by having watch-parties on Sunday starting at 7pm ET all around the country and you can join a live web-chat afterwards, at 8:30 ET. This online video-chat features some climate change experts and people who have worked hard to produce this 9-part series. The first episode is being hosted free on Youtube, whereas the next episodes will be on Showtime, so gather up some environmentally conscious or curios friends and watch what looks to be an interesting and enlightening show. Here’s a look at the trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m definitely going to tune into this show … this documentary will hopefully help to mobilize a broader movement in fighting against global climate change. If you want to host a screening, visit the site at:

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Swomee – finding eco-minded businesses

swomee logo

Have you ever wanted to make sure that you only consumed products from eco-friendly businesses or ever wondered how sustainable your local businesses are? (Of course.) Now these tasks have been made quite easy with

This new website is a place where people can add local businesses to the database and make rankings based on their current environmental practices. Swomee is a forum for people to find and give feedback about which businesses mitigate their environmental impacts. You can promote businesses as well as discover new ones that are eco-friendly. This will help you feel better about the businesses you choose to use and buy from. (more…)

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Eco News Roundup

earth horizon

  • The Gallup organization recently released the new results on what Americans think about the environment. Overall, Americans are mixed on whether or not the environment is getting better, 50% think it is getting worse and 42% think it is getting better. According to the article, these percentages and the changes over the years can be attributed to governmental performance. It is also good news that the results also showed that 50% of people favor protecting the environment over the 40% that favor economic growth. Read about the other results and trends over the years @
  • I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the shark cull policy in Australia. Well, the Greens are not standing for it and are taking up the issue with parliament. There is huge opposition to the policy, and “a national petition against Western Australia’s shark cull with 88,160 signatures on it has been presented to the Senate by the Greens.” Read more here
  • We all know the dangers of global warming, but this article discusses a new report that warns: “global warming will disrupt food supplies, slow world economic growth and may already be causing irreversible damage to nature.” This report will urge governments to act, and more than 100 governments met this week from March 25-29th to edit and approve the report. To read more about what the report entails here.
  • Recently President Obama’s has endeavored to combat climate change with aggressive policies – one tool,  he has launched a new web-based app. As part of an effort to increase the public awareness of global warming as a tangible and immediate problem, the White House on Wednesday inaugurated a website,, aimed at turning scientific data about projected droughts, wildfires and the rise in sea levels into eye-catching digital presentations that can be mapped using simple software apps.
  • House Republicans recently submitted new legislation that would “actually weaken the Endangered Species Act’s effectiveness and redirect scarce agency resources from species-recovery work to pointless reporting requirements.” Litigation costs are not a concern under the Endangered Species Act and these new bills are not going to help the Act in any way.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daniel Silverstein – ecoconscious, zero-waste fashion

daniel silverstein zero waste dress

Daniel Silverstein is a designer focusing on eliminating waste in the creation of sustainable high fashion. A zero waste concept is still fairly new in the realm of mainstream fashion, and Silverstein is paving the way for what will be, hopefully, a greener future for the industry. Dresses – like Silverstein’s Heron Dress pictured zero waste blouseabove -  are made using zero waste design technology – utilizing the full yardage of the fabric cut in order to produce this design.

Premiering at last month’s New York Fashion Week, Silverstein’s entire collection was made from organic and recycled fabrics that produced zero, or less than one percent waste. He makes sure that no fabric goes to waste in an industry that routinely discards tons of useable fabric on a daily basis. Moreover, his collections are all made in the U.S.

In a recent interview with Ecouterre, he makes it clear that this is the route the fashion industry should take. His eye for design and uncompromising commitment to zero-waste and beyond is creating a new standard in high fashion that in a perfect world, all brands should strive for. Who knows, as Silverstein said in the article, maybe one day everything will be manufactured zero waste.

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