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Friday, October 17, 2014


Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – orange is the new green

pumpkin orange merino wool shawl

Fashionista alert … Add a heap of pizzazz to your fall wardrobe with this dramatic, chunky Roccoco knit shawl in ultra-warm and renewable Merino wool. This striking, pumpkin-colored shawl is a must-have fall and winter accessory. Meticulously hand-knitted in luxurious and very soft 100% Merino wool, the shawl is generously sized and allows for many styling variations. The intricate geometric pattern is augmented by soft ruffles all around. Created with chunky weight yarn and intended to make a statement. $380 from Elena Roseberg

handmade Raw Earth tee

The tie dyed Down Pour tee (above) features a hand-dyed rain pattern that just screams Halloween! Designed with a low hip length and a round neck, the tee has extra long, slim sleeves with raw hem cuffs you can custom cut to your desired length. The tee’s super soft 100% organic cotton is treated with a stunning tie dye technique which mirrors heavy rain on a train window. Handmade with low impact dyes in Los Angeles by Raw Earth & Wild Sky – a sustainable style company founded by Karen Kananen and Samantha Robinson. On sale for $111.16 @ btc elements

vintage orange suede go-go boots

Style is timeless and these vintage pumpkin go-go boots are loaded with it. Knee length, orange suede – the height of 19080′s urban chic. Hipster, boho, hippie, orange, retro – these boots (more…)

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – Spooky Green

red riding hood cape

Want to keep your costume simple, classic and eco-friendly? Loving this Little Red Riding Hood hooded cloak made of organic cotton and soy spandex. The cape/cloak will cost you $85 and answer all those “Who are you dressed as?” gazes. Just avoid encounters with any big bad wolves. From Nancy Campbell and Soul Role.

xray halloween maternity shirt

What does a Halloween costume say about a person? If you have a bun in the oven, or just want to start the rumor that you do, this t-shirt will get the job done. This X-Ray Pregnancy shirt (above) featuring a little x-ray baby is screen printed by hand and made of bamboo and organic cotton. $24.99 from Bump Covers Maternity Wear

recycled silver skull necklaceIf you’re looking to accessorize for a Halloween event or just give off a goth, spooky vibe, you may consider a nicely designed, handmade skull necklace in recycled sterling silver (above). This necklace smiles in the face of mortality. $190 from Me&Ro

childrens eco felt animal masks

If you’re in need of a last minute costume solution for the kids – or you want costume solutions that will (more…)

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – Eco-Friendly and Vegan Boots

Olsen Haus Camp Vegan BootiesLooking to keep your tootsies warm and your style quotient up? Full disclosure – I love boots!

We started looking for eco-friendly / vegan boots and shoes for this week’s roundup and found a bunch of great selections offered at Amazon … so we figured we’d just concentrate on these cool selections (btw, they also link to our Amazon ad account).

These Olsen Haus Camp vegan booties (above) are made with 100% vegan ultra suede upper and a composite rubber sole. The ankle can be worn folded up or down for two different looks. Olsen Haus produces all shoes & accessories with standards of fair trade & ethical business practices. $225 @

waterproof vegan boot

Need something for the wet-and-wild winter weather to come? These “Faux-Suede” waterproof riding boots from Melissa Shoes are 100% vegan. With uppers made from “flocked” recyclable plastic – they feature small fiber particles that create a textured look closely resembling suede. They’re also hypoallergenic. Made in a green factory in Brazil. $228 @  (more…)

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – Falling for Sweaters

bamboo alpaca sweater

It’s that time again. Cool autumn breezes are beginning to waft through changing fall foliage. Time to start thinking of warmer clothing, layering and transitional items like sweaters. This week we’re featuring a roundup of sustainably sourced and eco-friendly sweaters – note not all these pieces are vegan, most are sustainably sourced, handmade and stylish.

This original hand knit sweater (above) is made of baby alpaca, merino and bamboo mixed yarn. It features a sumptuous, two-strand thick and thin textural pattern with some loosely plied strands mixed with spiral-plied strands creating a unique texture and form. This sweater’s hand-paint color combinations of sapphire gray and cream is (more…)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eco Fashion: Recycled Rubber Taking Center Stage

If there is a need for something, innovation will follow. And that is the case with the issue of old rubber bicycle and car tires, rubber remnants and vinyl. These materials – and rubber in particular – provide very few good recycling options, if they can be recycled at all. And they are not easily biodegraded – meaning that if they are not reused and do end up in a landfill they will sit there for a very long time. In answer to the problem of what to do with all this rubber, some creative designers have responded with the transformation of waste into wearable art and eco-friendly fashion accessories.

Thea Tolsma neck piece

Thea Tolsma
Thea Tolsma works primarily with the rubber from discarded inner tubes but with a different take (above).  She tries to keep the rubber’s band-like quality present in her end products. Opting to transform the rubber less, and utilizing cutouts, her pieces tend to have a flatter smoother look to them.

But designers of tire art jewelry don’t have to be on the high end of the fashion spectrum, there are also  fashion designers with more a more modest, consumer-friendly approach to utilizing recycled inner tubes:

girl on bike earrings

Kendra, Girl on Bike
Kendra works with old bicycle tires to craft earrings (above). She noticed the amount of old tire inner tubes tossed out in the trash by a bike store and decided to do something with them. Kendra opened her first boutique in 2009 and takes inspiration from nature. Many of her pieces have a feather shape to them.

urban lace bracelet

Barbi Touron and Aron Shear, Urban Lace
Urban Lace works with recycled rubber inner tubes to create lace-like bracelets (above), earrings and masks. Started in 2012, this duo strives to create pieces that are not only enjoyable to wear but good for the earth as well; they gather the rubber to make their pieces from discarded bicycle inner tubes. They prize this material for not only being flexible, but also durable, waterproof and beautiful.

Any of these one-of-a-kind pieces would make a great addition to any outfit. Whether it is industry trying to innovate and come up with new ideas, or designers trying to upcycle discarded materials – designers are addressing the issue of what to do with all the rubber that finds its way into the trash cycle. And any time you can give new life to something old, by reusing it in some way it’s a major plus for the environment.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Shoes that Sprout: Biodegradable Shoes that Grow Plants

OAT shoe with plant

When your trusty tennis shoes wear out, the fastest and easiest option to dispose of them – also the one that is not eco-friendly – is to pitch them in the trash. Once in the trash your old shoes find their way to the landfill where they remain for many, many years. If you think about how many shoes you and everyone else have tossed out over the years, it adds up to a lot of shoes in the ground.

OAT shoe

But with footwear from OAT shoes, your shoes will biodegrade in about a year’s time and plants might even sprout from them. OAT shoes are completely biodegradable and the shoes actually contain seeds in the tongue that can sprout if buried.  (more…)

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Eco-Fashion Friday Finds: a Day at the Beach

recycled sail cloth beach tote

This week we thought we’d feature some beach-related fashion finds in honor of tomorrow’s Coastal Cleanup Day.

Hoist Away Bags makes rugged recycled sail bags, beach bags and totes from retired sail cloth. This drawstring tote bag (above) is equally at home in a car, bus, boat and the overhead of your favorite airline. The drawstring insert will keep sand, rain and hermit crabs away from your valuables. Hoist Away uses sail material that has enjoyed coastal Maine breezes, were raised during Olympic trials and hailed from as far away as France. All the sail bags have a bit of “sail history” stitched inside. The drawstring top is from a recycled spinnaker sail. $155 (more…)

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – falling leaves

recycled coin bracelet

A penny for your thoughts? Woodstock, NY-based jewelry designer, Jessie Driscoll creates handmade bracelets from recycled old American coins. This unique bracelet (above) features 19 vintage American coins. $980 @ JessieDriscoll

eco tote in juniper

As we head toward fall and winter, you’ll need to start carrying more stuff around town – gloves, scarves and do-dads. (more…)

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