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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Free Range, Earth Friendly, Organic Jerky

sweetmeat jerky

A lot of beef jerkies on the market today contain steroids, growth hormones, and other unappealing ingredients that are not good for our bodies. And while I’m a lover of beef jerky (I’m clearly no vegan), the fact that the product may often contain harmful ingredients and production practices can make it a less-than-appealing snack. So, when I stumbled upon the Sweet Meat Jerky Kickstarter project, I was happy to find an alternative to generic store brand beef jerkies. The company’s crowdfunding project has 9 days to go and it’s almost halfway to their backing goal.

To get to the meat of the matter – this jerky is made from organic, grass fed beef, contains no-GMOs, is gluten free, and has 50% less sodium than traditional jerkies. The beef jerky also tastes great, as hundreds of people said on this company’s previous Kickstarter project. Healthy choices start with healthy eating and snacking, and for all you beef jerky lovers out there, this item makes a healthier lifestyle a little tastier – and easier.

Sweet Meat has two flavors available right now … this Kickstarter project is to get their second flavor, Mango Chipotle, in stores. There is a range of backing options from $15 to $155 or more. This beef jerky looks delicious, so I encourage you to get more information and check it out.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

eco shopping online & good green deals


If your car’s stuck in the driveway but you need to replenish basic supplies, here’s an online solution that’s quick, easy and not too pricey: You can get fast, free 2-day delivery with a minimum order of $49.

They offer some of my favorite brands – Seventh Generation (enter code FEB7GEN for 20% off), Ecover, Dr. Bronner’s, CleanWell, and Kiss My Face as well as a slew of others for hand soaps and household cleaning items. Unfortunately, we can’t let a ton of snow stop us from washing those dirty dishes.

You can pick up the essentials for your wee ones — from gDiapers to Plum Oganics. Running low on pet food? Check out Honest Kitchen for quality dog food. They stock other pet food brands as well, this one just happens to be a personal fave.

And who doesn’t love a good green deal … whether it’s gluten-free food, a non-toxic moisturizer or shampoo, a yoga mat or gift – you can also find many “green deals” (up to 40% off) at It’s a cinch to match your needs with your values (biodegradability, compostability, gmo-free) with an easy to find search bar.

So stock-up during these crazy snowstorms … and I hope you can step outside this weekend to enjoy a little fresh air and white stuff.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Suja Juice – Tasty Organic Nutrition Without the GMOs

organic suja juice

I’m sure all of you have heard of Naked Juice and Odwalla – both popular brands that feature the unregulated “All Natural” designation and do not bear the no GMO label – not good. There are tons of other  juice brands out there, but have you heard of Suja?

suja juice bottle labels

All of Suja’s juices are 100% USDA certified organic and non-GMO, so you know that you’re getting pure fruits and veggies. Suja is one-of-a-kind in its cold pressing and high pressure processing methods. These methods result in nutrient-dense juice and a great taste, while maintaining maximum nutrition and lasting freshness.  (more…)

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

NatureBox: healthy snacks delivered right to your door


Have you ever wanted to eat healthier but you can’t find the motivation, time to shop, or you think the act may be too costly? Well now there is a great solution for you, it’s called NatureBox. Each box costs $19.95, but is delivered right to your door with free shipping. You receive one box every month (feel free to cancel or pause at any time) and if you are not happy with the product, you will receive a full refund. And hey, you can receive $10 credit by referring a friend.


Each box comes with little snacks because snacks are the easiest habit to improve while combating bad snacking as a factor of obesity. All the snacks in your box are nutritionist approved and minimally processed (if at all), helping to make you feel happier and healthier. The food has no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors or colors, and zero grams of trans fat. And you can select from soy-free, gluten free, non-gmo, nut-free and vegan options.

NatureBox also donates to WhyHunger, which may also help you feel better about your purchase. By donating to WhyHunger, NatureBox works against the problems of hunger and poverty and towards making more nutritious food more widely available. So you can know that you are helping to improve the lives of others while improving your own.

Check out NatureBox and their eight varying boxes at: to learn more about the nutritional facts and benefits.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nature’s Path “Gardens for Good” Winners

winter garden vegetables

Gardens are one of the best ways to take a step towards being sustainable and green. Nature’s Path promotes the belief that “everyone has the right to fresh, organic, and chemical-free food“.

In order to encourage organic gardening further, Nature’s Path has its Gardens for Good Grant competition, which has recently ended and the winners have been announced!  The winners are: the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc., and rare Charitable Research Reserve!

Each of the winners will do their part by providing organic food for the communities that really need it. And of course Nature’s Path is happy to partner with Organic Gardening magazine to contribute a $15,000 grant to each of the winners to improve and continue their programs. The winners worked their way to the top of 153 entries and 9 finalists through online votes as well as their inspirational ways they described their project, the feasibility to establish and maintain the garden, and those that demonstrated community need.

  • The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative will transform vacant land plots and buildings into “agriculture-based resources from education programing to large-scale community gardens.” With their newly won grant they can now get the buildings going and start making immense progress!
  • The Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc. is working in Maui to build a self-sufficient community in regards to food through educating locals and maintaining a garden. Their Goodwill Garden grows produce for weekly donations to organizations that feed the hungry!
  • Finally, the rare Charitable Research Reserve is a 900+ acre nature reserve in southern Ontario. They have community gardens allowing people of all ages to participate and grow their own food, a great sustainable initiative.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seasonal Spices Delivered to Your Door


’tis the season … If you’re like me and you love to try new things, especially regarding cooking, Seasonal Spices may be just the thing for you. Launched on Kickstarter, and having received full funding, they will begin delivering its dried spices this month.

After all, variety is the spice of life … but there are so many spices out there. And it’s always difficult to choose which ones to try  — whether you’re at the store or your local farmer’s market, but Seasonal Spices makes that process much simpler in a unique way.

If you sign on, each month you will receive a package with a set of freshly ground spices in small, pre-measured quantities, along with recipes to use them in and information about the spices themselves! Whether it is because of the season or just to give you something new to try, this little package of spices can sure come in handy to those who like to cook.


Eco perks: It not only saves you time, it also cuts back on toxic emissions as you won’t have to use gas or create carbon dioxide on your way to a store — just to stand in front of the spice rack wondering what to get! Also, you won’t waste the bottles and jars or space the spices come in and take up because Seasonal Spices come in a small, smart recyclable zip-lock and cardboard container.

The costs are low:  you can buy a 3-month supply for $18 and a 6-month supply for $36, which means it’s $6 a month to get spices delivered right to your door. It’s very convenient and the dried spices available for the next few months are listed on the Kickstarter Project page for you to peruse. The brainchild of Brooklyn-based Tara Susan, I highly recommend checking out this unique, new service …

By the way, since the project received funding, you can also check out their Facebook page.

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