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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


rustic children’s woodland art on reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood fawn art

Does your little lover of nature need some woodland creatures or rustic art to adorn their room? These handmade artworks will add rustic charm to any kid’s room or nursery. These sweet pieces of wall art have been designed and made by the husband and wife team of Denise and Robert Devenie of Devenie Designs.

reclaimed wood woodland scenes

Woodland creatures, trees and messages are featured on weathered reclaimed planks that have been hand painted, refinished and sealed. A cool way to add inspiration to any 2-legged creatures shelter.

forest animal art

Why purchase a piece of mass produced art from virgin wood, when you can decorate your home with art that is OOAK, handmade and loaded with rustic character – while also saving living trees? Surround your wee ones with nature and they’ll hopefully learn to appreciate and value it. A great way to bring the spirit of the outdoors inside. The pieces featured above range in price from $45 to $135.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

design Provocateur – vintage furniture given new expression

burning rainforest chair

Art or furniture? The answer is – both. design Provocateur is a New Jersey based collection of artists, architects and designers led by Robert delPazzo. The design group creates furniture and decor that merges art and design with discarded, recycled and vintage materials to create unexpected art furniture – like their “Louis XV” gilt lounge chairs (above). The chairs have been re-upholstered with custom printed cloth featuring a thought-provoking image of the burning rainforest. (The rainforest image was custom printed on the fabric by Duggal of New York)

painted vintage chaise lounge

The striking vintage chaise lounge (above) has been custom painted by artist Nelma Guimaraes. This OOAK piece features a secret storage compartment under the cushion and oodles of exotic style.

recycled love seat

The “Dirty Secrets Bench” (above) is constructed from an eclectic assortment of chairs backs and furniture pieces – all (more…)

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

5 fabulous furniture pieces in reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood bed frame and headboard

What could be more rewarding than joining a growing trend in eco-friendly interior design and saving precious trees? If you’re a friend of the Earth and decorating your abode the answer is probably – not much! That being the case, we thought we’d do a quick roundup of 5 great home decorating solutions that all involve reclaimed wood.

This modern looking bed frame and headboard (above) possesses clean lines, modern styling and all the character of the reclaimed wood from which it’s constructed  … and it’s suitable for regular or memory foam mattresses. Made from reclaimed antique pine, and/or oak, the bed can be ordered in any size. The twin is $840 from BarnWoodFurniture

reclaimed heart pine dresser

(above) A modern dresser created from vintage, reclaimed wood, this classy OOAK piece features: touch release drawers, salvaged wood, finished birch and reclaimed heart pine. $1,350.00 from Croft House LA (more…)

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

rustic zen – handmade reclaimed barnwood coffee tables

reclaimed barnwood coffee table

I’ve got a feeling we may see one of these reclaimed barnwood coffee tables on the set of Talking Dead this season … Furniture pieces with a rustic industrial style can enhance a space with either a retro or modern decor – and the basic material (reclaimed wood) is eco-friendly and sustainable.

barnwood coffee table

These handmade tables by the The Zen Artist possess a great rustic patina that’s created by the alternating arrangement of weathered rectangles of (more…)

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Creative DIY: fun ideas for giving new life to old pianos

upcycled piano fountain

Old pianos that have become family room eye sores can present an over-sized disposal challenge. Before you send old Betsy to the basement, sell her to strangers at a garage sale, or a make a strenuous trip to the local landfill, there may be another, more fun solution. If you’re handy with power tools and have a little vision you can transform your old beat-up piano into a new piece of furniture for your home or garden. There are many (more…)

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sustainable Furniture: Handcrafted Designer Mirrors

handmade maple mirror yellow blue

I love the elegant lines of these handmade mirrors created by furniture maker and craftsman, David Hurwitz. Hurwitz utilizes hand carving and traditional methods of furniture construction and joinery to create pieces with modern flourishes and contemporary style.

designer maple mirror

The craftsman uses only FSC Certified woods like cherry and maple in these museum-quality lyrical pieces. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo and certification is (more…)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stylishly Recycled: A New Life for Old Planes

Motoart DC9 coffee-table

When in the market for green furniture, many people often feel they need to compromise on design. Not all green furniture is created equally and some of it is less than stylish. Although, as you’ll probably agree, with material such as bamboo, pieces can be both beautiful and sustainable. You can also create green furniture from materials that often wind up in the dump. Old airplanes that are forgotten and sit around in airplane boneyards are an example of a material that can be given a specatacular second life.

C-119-Rudder table

Recycled airplane furniture was popularized by innovative companies like Moto Art, founded in 2002. Since then, other early designers that first turned the retired air planes into treasure other providers of similar goods like Relicta Design House and SkyART have blossomed. These, and others like them, offer chic furniture made from airplane parts that are collected from airplane bone yards. So, what’s involved in this transformation process? (more…)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

modern industrial: wine bar in reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood wine bar

Creating furniture using reclaimed and salvaged wood saves living trees

Chicago’s Dendro Co specializes in creating character-laden handcrafted modern industrial furniture featuring vintage wood salvaged from the remains of old local buildings. We particularly like their wine table (above and below) made from a 160 year-old reclaimed plank with legs and frame made from industrial pipe.

reclaimed wood wine bar

The piece has that rustic modern look that works in so many contemporary home decor situations.

Dendro handcrafts an extensive line of modern industrial furniture – from dining and coffee tables – to stools, consoles, chairs and other furniture in keeping with their motto: Reclaim. Reimagine. Rebuild.

dendro wine bar

The wine/console measures 48″ and features a 6 bottle wine rack; the piece is also available in a 72″ version that holds a robust 12 bottles. Great for small apartment or breakfast nook. $250 @ dendroco

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