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Thursday, March 6, 2014


vintage tricycle becomes a designer lamp and rolling library

manoteca see-clo lamp

The Italian design group Manoteca creates eclectic, OOAK home furnishings from recycled and reclaimed materials. The See-Clo lamp and wandering library is created from a 1960′s Italian tricycle, with an adjustable, vintage iron headlamp – the rear foot holder has been replaced with a solid piece of wood, on which to store magazines and books.

manoteca see-clo tricycle lamp

The piece is from a series of tricycle-based designs, many of which honor great Italian cyclists. A five-foot long power cable allows the piece to be freely rolled into new positions.

tricycle lamp

manoteca see-clo library lamp

The group website describes them thusly: “Manoteca is a wooden house in a garden, a laboratory where old abandoned things and salvaged materials are taken care of, thought-of a second time, and re-assembled.”

All designs are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted and treated with natural, non-toxic paints. You can contact them directly for pricing information.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

sustainable planters created from recycled bottles and natural materials

patron bottle planter

Chase and Denise Mekaelian are old-school green. They set out to start a sustainable business that created aesthetically pleasing planters primarily from recycled liquor bottles. Their company, Bottle Gardens, is now a successful and sustainably green business. The stylish bottle planters the company designs are intended for growing low-maintenance air plants and succulents.

air plant shell planter

In addition to using natural (note the sea shell air plant magnets above) and reclaimed materials, the couple has endeavored to make all facets of the business green by using less energy (going solar), creating less waste in their production process and by featuring recycled, upcycled and reusable materials in their packaging and shipping containers.

sky vodka planter

The heat intensive cutting process used to cut the bottles requires large amounts of water for cooling, so California-based, Bottle Gardens now re-uses much of its water — lowering its water consumption by over 90% (more…)

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Friday, February 28, 2014

eco home decor – reclaimed barnwood wall art

reclaimed barnwood: branches wall art wide

Woodworking artist Craig Forget is always on the lookout for old reclaimed wood with character, color and a weathered patina. Almost all of the raw material for his work is carefully recovered from dilapidated or deconstructed barns in his local Windsor, Ontario area. His “Branches” piece (pictured above and below) is composed of complementary sections of tree branches assembled to look like a single intertwining branch, mounted over a textured background of small, geometric pieces of barnwood.

branches wall art in reclaimed wood

Once the tree design is complete, each strip of the underlying barnwood is hand scribed around the tree branches creating the impression that the branches are growing through the reclaimed wood strips. Materials for the piece include: reclaimed 80-year-old pine, hickory, white ash, maple, oak, elm and cedar barnwood, as well as salvaged tree branches.

reclaimed barnwood wall art

The piece in the photo above depicts a seaside city in a relief map, or overhead view – all created from carefully shaped pieces of barnwood.

reclaimed barnwood art shelf

Forget does a variety of other works, created from the remains of old barns, with a concentration on wall art. (more…)

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teak Me Home – handmade reclaimed teak furniture

reclaimed teak dresser
This post is the latest in my on-going series on handmade furniture, designed and created from reclaimed wood. Today’s featured company – California-based, Teak Me Home, which specializes in creating sustainably built, handmade furniture from 100% reclaimed teak.

reclaimed teak dresser
Teak Me Home, whose furniture evokes comparisons to mid-century Heywood Wakefield designs, works directly with the artisans and craftsmen that build their furniture, which enables the company to offer their unique pieces at wholesale prices.
reclaimed teak dresser
All of the furniture in the company’s collection is made from solid teak salvaged from old homes and buildings, most of which were over 100 years old. (more…)

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

vintage industrial table made from salvaged materials

vintage industrial table

Designer Greg Hankerson of Phoenix, Arizona-based, Vintage Industrial, specializes in constructing heirloom quality, handmade furniture from the salvaged remains of America’s mechanized past. Hankerson’s Bronx Crank Table (above) is created from vintage salvage from the 1930′s.

handmade industrial style table

The adjustable crank table is as much sculpture as functional furniture – it rests atop two, massive 5-ton screw mechanisms that support an adjustable top that can be set at varying heights between 30 to 45 inches by turning either of the two, 12-inch cast iron crank handles. The base features over 200 rivets and bolts and is made from extra heavy duty gauge steel. What really caught my eye was the patina of the table’s striking, aged red finish. (more…)

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sprout Pencils: Innovative and Green

sprout plantable pencil

I don’t know how many of you use pencils on a regular basis, but since I’m a student I certainly do. I just discovered some pencils that make me want to go back to using traditional wooden ones over the mechanical ones I currently use. They’re called Sprout: The Plantable Pencil. These highly functioning pencils can be used until they get too short to write with – but instead of throwing them away, you can plant them and grow a variety of edible or flowering plants!

sprout plantable pencils growing

Democratech offers several different types of plant choices in your writing utensil, such as: basil, calendula, cherry tomato, cilantro, dill, marigold, mint parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Also, right now there is a limited Valentine’s Day multi-pack edition featuring baby’s breath, bachelor’s buttons, black-eyed Susan, cosmos, heart’s delight, kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, lavender, and love-lies-bleeding. (more…)

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