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Monday, January 19, 2015


Urban Travel – The Moveo Foldable Electric Scooter

moveo electric scooter side

An electric scooter that you can fold up and put away? Meet the MOVEO scooter.

A stylish new addition to the electrical powered transportation movement is the MOVEO scooter. The MOVEO scooter is both electrically powered and foldable making it the perfect transportation solution for urban apartment dwellers who are cramped for space and want to save money on fuel and garage bills. The design for the Moveo foldable scooter originated in 2008 with the Antro Group. In 2011 the scooter surfaced again in Hungary as a third working prototype. In 2012 design patents were granted and fundraising through Jump Start City began. The designers were originally hoping to make the moveo electric scooter foldedscooter available to the public in 2014, but, though the scooter is not currently for sale, you can place a pre-order in hopes that when they are available you can score one. I couldn’t find a final price but gizmag estimates that depending on the amount raised, a scooter will cost between $3,100 to $4,600.

What really makes the MOVEO scooter so neat is that it can be folded up to resemble luggage and rolled indoors or placed in a trunk. This is a great option for people who don’t have a parking space and need to make the occasional trip to the store or cross town. Students living on campus can keep one in their dorm room, apartment owners can stash one in the closet and commuters can have one in their car that they can unfold and use once they have parked.

moveo e-scooter

Here are some stats on the MOVEO scooter,

  • MOVEO’s maximum load is 110 kg or about 242 pounds.
  • Rider height can be between 4.8 to 6.39 feet.
  • Range on a single charge is about 22 miles; with an additional battery pack the extended range is about 43 miles.
  • Maximum speed is about 28 miles per hr.
  • Charge time from empty to full is one hour.
  • The scooter has a carbon composite monocoque body and is lightweight at 55 lbs.
  • MOVEO Has a 700 Wh lithium-ion phosphate battery.
  • 2 wheel drive with front and rear brakes.

foldable electric scooter

The scooter will feature an optional smart phone display and docking that you can add on along with an extra battery for longer trips. This no mess foldable scooter is a space savers dream, stylish and an innovative product. Hopefully it will hit retail markets soon.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

APT Motoped™ Facilitates Your Escape from Civilization… or Zombies

motoped survivor

For those of you who live in a fair climate and jump into your gas-guzzling machines each day to make the commute to your place of business, the guilt you feel at the gas pump could now be replaced with the joy of the wind through your hair as you rumble down the roadway getting 150-200 miles per gallon on your new Motoped™ from American Performance Technologies (APT). These are the same people who brought you the SmartCarb, which is proposed to be installed on the various Motoped™ models in the near future to provide even higher fuel efficiency.

For those who enjoy tinkering and customizing their ride, The Motoped™ blends the motorcycle, the moped, and the off-road bicycle into a multifunction, environmentally-friendly vehicle that, in most instances, does not need tags, inspections, or a special license to operate, as it basically classifies as a moped. But check with your DMV to confirm its local, official status. The Motoped™ weighs around half that of the average conventional motorcycle while being only slightly larger than your common downhill mountain bike, allowing for easy transport. You could also be the coolest kid on campus when you either pedal or motor the Motoped™ up to the bike-rack outside your classroom. Feel free to choose any of the four different models offered by APT: Cruzer, Pro, Black-Ops, and (my personal favorite, above & below) Survival.

Motoped 4

Although the Survival Motoped™ provides you with that extra storage space required when taking to the hills following a future zombie outbreak, each model can take you up to 400 miles on a single tank. Couple the APT Motoped™ with the SmartCarb™ to unleash even more fuel efficiency, engine power, and back-country freedom, all while reducing your emissions and carbon footprint by as much “as 50% to 70% when compared to competing small engine transportation or recreational products.”

Motoped 2 The Motoped™ from American Performance Technologies represents the company’s continued dedication to the environmentally friendly power-sport industry, which we may argue, is very small. To wrap your head around this revolutionary product as you fall in love with it, view any of the many videos presented here. Sales are piling up and being regularly filled, so get your order in now to get the ball rolling!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drive for Free with the Drive Green for Life Program!

Drive Green

Owning the vehicle of your choice and driving it freely through the web of roads crisscrossing your home city is as much an American tradition as the Presidential pardoning of one lucky turkey each year about this time. Being able to finally buy that personal car of your dreams is engrained into American culture, symbolizing freedom, economic status – and a means to sustain life for those that rely on their cars for business.

Drive Green

As we are all aware, each of these conventional-fuel-burning vehicles emits extremely harmful gasses  and with over 250 million registered vehicles in the United States, their combined emissions contribute heavily to climate change. The threat of a changing climate is real, but could anyone really point to their neighbors and say, “I think they should retire that S.U.V. to stop polluting…”?

Drive Green infographic

Well, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the United States recently partnered with SunPower, a leading supplier of home solar PV systems, and The Sierra Club, the largest grassroots environmental NGO in the country, to offer consumers the opportunity to more gain access to alternative energy for their home. Ford Motor Company is offering new and existing Ford electric car owners a $750.00 rebate on their purchase or lease of a SunPower home solar system through (more…)

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The BEHA Eco Aircraft Seeks Crowdfunding

beha overheadA British company, Faradair Aerospace Limited, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new eco aircraft the company has christened, BEHA, or Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft. The company has created a concept for a lightweight aircraft with extremely efficient and economical power. The intention is to create “the most environmentally friendly aircraft in the world”. The project is about to enter a year of R&D to fine tune the design for maximum efficiency, with the company hoping to have the first prototype aircraft built within two years.

de havilland dragon

Much of the inspiration for the plane came from an early passenger aircraft called the De Havilland Dragon Rapide. This 1930’s airliner had graceful lines and innovative power recovery systems, many of which will be incorporated into the design of the BEHA.

beha front

Another source of inspiration for the project is an unmanned aircraft created in 1990 by the father of the company’s Managing Director. The new design combines a bio-diesel engine with two electric motors, and is envisioned as an innovative six seat Hybrid Aircraft. The BEHA group is currently building a list of partners to help deliver the key technologies to make the prototype aircraft a reality. (more…)

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Cycle2Work scheme: What is it?

bike messenger

The Cycle2Work scheme has been an odd phenomenon. Even though it was introduced in the 1999 Finance Act and first enacted in 2003, it’s one of those things which people tend to have heard of in passing, but otherwise don’t know much about. Despite this, the scheme has been a roaring success, with more than half a million people having taken part — 61% of them having never regularly ridden a bike before.

The idea is fairly simple: to cut down on the environmental impact of cars and help improve employee health, your employer helps subsidise the cost of a new bike and cycling gear, for which he or she is then reimbursed by the government, in order to entice you into cycling to work rather than driving. Typically speaking, a participant can save up to 42% off the cost of a new bike, with employers enjoying the benefits of the equipment being a tax-exempt benefit.

For employers, the Cycle to Work scheme is currently one of the most sought-after employee benefits and is completely free to set up, with employers across the country reporting a significant increase in staff wellbeing and a reduction in the number of days taken off sick by their staff. The financial benefits are far more wide-ranging than simple tax breaks.

bicyclistThe environmental and health benefits of cycling to work rather than driving are pretty clear, but it’s the financial benefits which often convince people into opting for the Cycle to Work scheme. There are savings to be made on National Insurance Contributions as well as the reduced costs of commuting and the expense on petrol and car repairs. With someone participants having sold their commuting cars altogether, there’s actually money to be made through the scheme if it’s done correctly.

It would be fair to say, though, that the government had hoped it’d be far more successful than half a million participants over the course of ten years. The UK’s workforce is around thirty million, so the number of Cycle to Work participants represents less than 1% of the workforce over the past decade. At any given time, it’s probably far less than half of that figure. Even that relatively small number can make a huge difference, though. It’s estimated that the scheme has so far reduced carbon emissions equivalent to that of a town the size of Doncaster for a whole year.

The programme is still open to new participants and continues to be renewed by the government, who are keen to encourage more people into it. Of course, the take-up in Cycle to Work comes at the cost of the huge recent success of the British motoring industry, which the present government are very keen to keep talking up. Is this why, then, they’ve been a bit quiet about the Cycle to Work scheme? As the Coalition are less than keen to talk up the successes of the previous Labour administration, that might explain some of the silence.

Silence or not, though, the Cycle to Work scheme is still around and is still taking on new participants, with an 8% rise in participation following the 2012 London Olympics with more than 86,000 new cyclists taking to the road as part of the Cycle to Work scheme. With cycling being one of Britain’s top sports in terms of Olympic success, it is often the case that retailers such as Halfords see huge boosts in the sales of bikes to children and teenagers around the time of a successful Olympic Games, but to see the enthusiasm spill over into the adult workforce was particularly satisfying for those who welcome the new, healthy, green agenda.

It would be fair to say, too, that as we head into the cold half of the year it’s likely that the take-up in interest will be significantly lower. Cycling in Britain isn’t a year-round activity, with icy roads and bitterly cold winds deterring even the keenest of cyclists. That’s why, though, it’ll be even more interesting than ever to see what the participation figures are like for the Cycle to Work scheme in the coming months.

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