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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


10 ways to green your local environment

ecological footprint

Appropriately enough, living a more environmentally responsible lifestyle starts close to home. The place you can make the biggest impact on the environment is your local community. Here are 10 simple tips for leading a more responsible green lifestyle.

  • One of the most important actions anyone can take is voting. Don’t be beaten down by the deranged shouting voices of the climate change deniers and those who view clean water regulations and environmental oversight as inconvenient obstacles to business and development. Vote early and often
  • Join the local chapter of a green organization like the Audubon Society or the Sierra Club, or start a local one protecting your local parks, beaches and forests. Get involved. (more…)
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Film Review: Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

plastic paradise poster

From its alarming introduction to its startling realizations, Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch provides some much-needed factual exposure of the environmental impact of plastics and a first-hand glimpse of the continent of trash collecting in the south Pacific gyre currents. (more…)

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Creative DIY: fun ideas for giving new life to old pianos

upcycled piano fountain

Old pianos that have become family room eye sores can present an over-sized disposal challenge. Before you send old Betsy to the basement, sell her to strangers at a garage sale, or a make a strenuous trip to the local landfill, there may be another, more fun solution. If you’re handy with power tools and have a little vision you can transform your old beat-up piano into a new piece of furniture for your home or garden. There are many (more…)

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Eco-Fashion Friday Finds – falling leaves

recycled coin bracelet

A penny for your thoughts? Woodstock, NY-based jewelry designer, Jessie Driscoll creates handmade bracelets from recycled old American coins. This unique bracelet (above) features 19 vintage American coins. $980 @ JessieDriscoll

eco tote in juniper

As we head toward fall and winter, you’ll need to start carrying more stuff around town – gloves, scarves and do-dads. (more…)

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Gorgeous and Green: 3 Secret Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

red lips

It’s not always easy being gorgeous and green.

When you’re busy helping look after the world, the flawlessness of your skin, perfection of your eyebrows and fullness of your lips tend to take a back seat.

Also, with the vast number of goods us eco-friendly beauty queens simply can’t use, it can be more than a little challenging finding the perfect product to mesh with our daily routine AND our beliefs.

Consequently, if you’re finding it extremely difficult to know where to begin, we’re here to talk you through some of the more environmentally friendly ways you can buff up your daily beauty routine.

Take Advantage of Mineral Foundation
More and more, people are beginning to understand the benefits of natural makeup and mineral foundation, which, unlike liquid foundation, uses a finely ground powder to help cover any blemishes, age spots and uneven skin.

Importantly, mineral foundation doesn’t contain any nasty oils, talc, dyes or perfume, meaning your skin will enjoy a perfect colour match and an instant soft-focus effect thanks to the light-reflecting minerals contained within.

Use Bars of Soap
This may not be popular, but by swapping your shower gel for bar soap, it’ll cut down on the need to use plastic bottles to contain your body wash. Of course you recycle, but in case it slips your mind, it’s best to stick to good, old fashioned soap.

To take it one step further with your eco-friendliness, make sure you only buy soap from companies who use recycled materials to package their product – but if not, try to do your bit for the environment by doing it for them.

Manufacture Your Own Products
Following on from the point above, when we consider the packaging cosmetics tend to be wrapped in, the impact on the environment is tangible. Additionally, the synthetic chemicals synonymous with some products can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.

Indeed, National Geographic’s Green Guide has revealed the average adult uses nine personal care products a day, with almost 120 chemicals combined. Nice. The solution? Make your own! Not only is it great fun (promise), you’ll know exactly what’s going into the product you make.

While this should be enough to get you started on the route a comprehensively eco-friendly beauty routine, it’s worthwhile conducting further research, which will allow you to systematically introduce other beautification techniques into the fray.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sustainable Furniture: Handcrafted Designer Mirrors

handmade maple mirror yellow blue

I love the elegant lines of these handmade mirrors created by furniture maker and craftsman, David Hurwitz. Hurwitz utilizes hand carving and traditional methods of furniture construction and joinery to create pieces with modern flourishes and contemporary style.

designer maple mirror

The craftsman uses only FSC Certified woods like cherry and maple in these museum-quality lyrical pieces. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo and certification is (more…)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bamboo: The Mightiest of Grasses Makes Great Furniture

bamboo decor

Bamboo, which is commonly known as food for cute Panda bears may also soon be the first pick in eco conscious furniture design. Bamboo is a grass species that grows all around the world, even in the United States. With too many of our Rainforests being cut back for its wood, I thought I’d highlight a few major points that make bamboo a very ecofriendly source for wood. (more…)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stylishly Recycled: A New Life for Old Planes

Motoart DC9 coffee-table

When in the market for green furniture, many people often feel they need to compromise on design. Not all green furniture is created equally and some of it is less than stylish. Although, as you’ll probably agree, with material such as bamboo, pieces can be both beautiful and sustainable. You can also create green furniture from materials that often wind up in the dump. Old airplanes that are forgotten and sit around in airplane boneyards are an example of a material that can be given a specatacular second life.

C-119-Rudder table

Recycled airplane furniture was popularized by innovative companies like Moto Art, founded in 2002. Since then, other early designers that first turned the retired air planes into treasure other providers of similar goods like Relicta Design House and SkyART have blossomed. These, and others like them, offer chic furniture made from airplane parts that are collected from airplane bone yards. So, what’s involved in this transformation process? (more…)

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